Wireless Vs. Wired Security Systems


Typically, burglar alarm systems have been wired systems, because this was the technology that was available. The technology was developed so that it was almost foolproof, and then wireless technology came along. Many people praised this revolution in home security that allowed a less-hassled, neater, and easier installation and maintenance of burglar alarm systems. However, with safety at the forefront, many people have been lauding wired systems, claiming they are irreplaceable with the newer wireless systems.


Hardwired alarm systems are considered, while wireless systems are more versatile and can be placed into places where wired systems cannot. In this sense wireless systems have opened up possibilities for alarms systems where had not been previously possible, but wired systems are still considered dominant when it comes to safety, and are the preferred choice for a burglar alarm in Hampshire.

Fully or Partially Wireless

There are two distinct parts of the security system. There is the network of sensors, including the control panel, which makes up a self-contained system. This closed system may be either wired or wireless. You also have to consider how this system connects to the outside world, to inform of any break-ins. For example, the system may send alerts to a remote monitoring center, or going the other way you may send the system instructions directly from your mobile phone. And so, a fully wireless system uses individual sensors throughout the home which communicate wirelessly to the central control panel, using radio frequency technology, and then this will connect wirelessly to the end user. A fully hardwired alarm system connects all of the sensors to the control panel with a network of wires that are built into walls, ceilings and floors, and then connects to the outside world using a telephone line.

The Solution

You can opt to have the two parts of the security system combined, either with a wireless sensor network and control panel but a hardwired landline connection, or with hardwired sensors and control panel connected to the outside world via cellular. The most common setup combines the two, so that the system is in fact wireless, but also wired as a backup. If your property does not have a wired security system already installed, then wireless systems can solve several problems, as they are easy to install and have all the same features as a wired system. However, for maximum reliability the preferred choice is a hardwired system. If all the wires are already in place, then it is safer to go with a wired burglar alarm.

There is a debate amongst security experts about which is better between a wired or wireless burglar alarm system. The general consensus is that a wired system is much safer, because it has increased reliability. However, wireless systems are not to be frowned upon because they have introduced burglar alarms to places where it was previously not possible to install. The best solution is to have a system that combines elements of both wireless and wired systems.