Why Would You Need Double Glazing


The process of making glass or installing it is called glazing. Therefore, a window that has two panes of glass is a double-glazed window. There are many reasons why you might need double glazing. The window is more than just a window with two panes of glass; typically, there is a cushion of air between the two panes. In some cases, there is a vacuum between the panes. Whether it is air or a vacuum between the panes, the windows are typically mounted so that they are airtight. The airtight glass keeps air out.

Heat Transfer

Heat has to have some kind of physical medium to travel. Warm air bumps into cooler air and excites the molecules. That heats up the cooler air which then bumps into other cool air; in this way, heat is transferred. This transfer can happen through windows as well. An East Sussex double glazing expert can prevent that from happening by installing windows that do not transfer heat. Since the windows are airtight, they do not transfer heat.

Money Saved

You can save a good amount of money by installing double glazed windows, depending on how much money you are currently losing to energy transfer. In most cases, about 40% of the heat transferred in or out of your home moves through the windows. Therefore, a set of double glazed windows can save you up to 40% on your heating and cooling bills. They will not prevent all heat transfer through your windows or other parts of your home, but they will definitely help, as they’ll reduce the avenues through which heat can transfer.