SuperStudio has spoilt for choice their customers since 2005, by bringing the best decoration artists and designers with an amazing worldwide reputation, they assured nobody went out of the store with nothing to show for it. Moreover, not only they focus on old style or veteran designers, but they have adapted and also include in its catalog decorative elements such as Tom Dixon’s designs or Phillipe Starck’s brilliant work; both contemporary designers that have managed to carve a successful career with their work and inspire thousands of people. There’s only so much to say about their flawless designs and how they are too close to call with older design legends.

No surprise there, typically for such elitist designs we would have to wait for months or pay exorbitant prices, but SuperStudio achieved, through an unique manufacturing process, brand new decorative elements with nothing short of a miracle and hard work. Always, of course, maintaining a commitment to the highest quality standards and providing a professional team to advise the clients in any doubt or issue about their main concern.



Finding inspiration to create a shop and arranging a new business with every detail under control is everything but an easy task. Nevertheless, SuperStudio refused to stand behind the times and wanted the best available pieces, no more, no less. For this, it all started looking at crucial characters like Le Corbusier, famous for pieces. An example of these could be the Frame sofa, the Pony Leather chaise longue, or tables like Le Corbusier Black. This designer inspired unique structures using parts that visually appeared to be floating in the air; something groundbreaking at the time, like integrating steel elements in a society where wood was, still, the most requested material. Another key figure in the SuperStudio’s philosophy is Arne Jacobsen, a famous designer who through transgressive lines of his chairs, and despite of being born in 1902, endowed parts of a futuristic halo that have become a classic. The Swan chairs, the Egg model or office work oriented chairs like the Oxford and Jacob, have earned him a place on the podium among the best furniture designers of all time.

However, despite of stocking work pieces by classic designers, most of them from the last century, SuperStudio has also integrated designers who have managed to break the mold not many years ago in a world where the word “surprise” has become the most difficult task in the business.

It was never just a shot in the dark. Philippe Starck is known worldwide for creating highly functional designs without sacrificing aesthetics. He has been responsible for some of the most acclaimed hotels, restaurants, emblematic public buildings such as the Peninsula Hotel, or some private areas at the Palaces Elysees in Paris. His work on the New York Royalton Hotel is also remarkable. Searching through SuperStudio’s catalog we will be able to find some pieces like the standing mirror Caadre, the Victoria Arms Louis chair or the famous lamp Guio, which are brilliant.

SuperStudio’s furniture and decorative accessories offer a broad spectrum of styles, such as: classic, Nordic, New Yorker, a fusion of modern elements with classical furniture, vintage pieces; or the breaker industrial style, where the neutral colors and lifeless walls are compensated by using metal objects that provide validity and break the pre-established pattern predominate.