Why Seamless Gutters Work So Well


Gutters have been around for a very long time, evolving over a period of literally hundreds of years, the most updated type of which are of the seamless variety. Guttering systems serve to collect rainwater as it runs from the roof, channeling the rainwater away from the home. Proper downspout placement directs the flow of water to predetermined location which protects the foundation of your home, keeping it as dry as possible.

A faulty system, one that leaks, is in poor condition, clogged with debris, or malfunctioning in any other way, can damage soffits and fascia boards, foundations, shingles, windows and frames, patios and decks, Landscaping and more. Faulty gutters have also been shown to be an originating causal factor in basement leaks and flooding.

Seamless gutters were first introduced in the 1960s when the first machine was developed that could cut a continuous piece of guttering from a single roll of aluminum (known as a “gutter coil”). Gutters could be cut to any length, defining the ability to custom-cut gutters for the home. Today, seamless gutters are used by more than 70% of the households across the United States.

Noted for their highly functional and aesthetically pleasing attributes, seamless gutters offer the homeowner the most efficient and easily maintained gutter product available. An additional benefit is the wide range of color options available to coordinate a “seamless” look to the color scheme of any home.

Seamless gutter systems work so well because of the smooth, flawless design which allows a reliable uninterrupted flow of water. Gutters that have seams tend to clog and back-up, require much more maintenance, regular clearing of debris, and are more likely to fail at the seams causing leaks, overflows, and eventual damage to the gutter. Debris tends to “catch” on the seams which quickly can evolve into a clog. Seamless gutters, by nature, are resistant to clogs and back-up and are much easier to keep clear of debris. Seamless gutters also require little, to no, regular maintenance unlike gutters having multiple connection points, or seams, which need to be regularly inspected at each connection point for splits, cracks, and leaks.

LeafGuard seamless gutters come with a guarantee to never clog or fail. These gutters are also guaranteed to retain their color and appearance without any fading, chipping, or rusting.