Why install synthetic lawn for your sports field?


Wondering why you should invest for synthetic lawn for your sports field? Keep on reading and find out.

Endurance against Heavy-Use

Artificial grasses in Sydney for sports field areknown to be versatile and can withstand heavy use. After occasions or events, it will take some time for the natural turf to recover before allowing another game to play on it. When you were organizing lots of consecutive events to happen within your field, such recovery time could interfere or even limit what you’ve arranged for. Although natural grass fields can endure approximately 100 hours of usage, synthetic turf could endure more than 500 hours of events hours. Moreover, for multi-purpose sports field, with regular games and events, it is much better for you to install fake turf. This requires no recovery time! And because of its endurance, most schools and universities decided to rent their sports field into local sports team as well as organizations to earn extra funds.

Boost up play time

You may use synthetic turf for so many times with no ‘rest’ needed. That creates increase play and practice time as well as valuable flexibility of the real grass to utilize the field for any other events. The chance to be more active and ability to participate to different sports is essential for mental health, fitness, leadership and even self-esteem development of our youth.

 ‘It is a smart solution for playing fields that have become unsafe from overuse or severe climatic conditions. A grass field simply cannot remain lush and resilient if it is used more than three to four days a week, in the rain, or during months when grass doesn’t grow. Rain-outs are eliminated since highly permeable synthetic turf quickly drains excess water off the field.


As soon as heavy rain season comes in, natural synthetic grass field will become a muddy field. Playing in a natural turf field while it’s raining will wash away the grass and will require to replant them later. However, for a synthetic turf field, whether it rains or shines, you’ve got the assurance that your players would leave a great field. Its all-weather properties are specifically designed for wetter areas of the region.


Based on Cory Jenner, a great landscape architecture in New York, the installation and maintenance cost of the fake turf sports field on over a 20-year time, which includes a replacement field would be less expensive on each event rather than the grass field cost within the same period of time. It is all because lots of event can be organized within a synthetic grass sports field. Most field owners and other authorities validate such cost-per-event advantage.


Fake grass in Sydney is somewhat eco-friendly since it let the rain to go through and absorb the soil. These permits for the water to be reprocess and used to do well to the surrounding area. In addition, it has also low maintenance. Compare to other cheap projects that ended wasting a lot of money in maintenance and repairs, synthetic turfs are not hard or even expensive to continue. You have already your water at the same time mow your lawn; that is all what you need to do for your upkeep on your sports field.

Inexpensive Maintenance

The best part would be is the price of maintenance, which is comparatively low, particularly when it was compared along with other type of pavers out there. You can ensure to spend for about two dollars for a square foot and given that, you don’t need to be anxious regarding the erosion and maintenance.