Which type of common door locks are perfect keeping your home secure?


There still many people who often prefers to have common locks for their houses. As the future of the locks is changing and new security systems are being introducing. Many house owners are relying on the traditional locks because they feel it is still the best way to secure their house in so many ways. There is a reason why these some common locks are being the number one choice of so many houses, small offices, and buildings.


Your front door is the main thing you need to concern about, there are new generations of locks who allow you a secure environment and open with only your presence. They are in high demand right now and most people are going for them, because they are very strong, and last longer and won’t get damaged at any cost.


That is why below we have listed some real facts about which type of common doors locks are perfect keeping your home secure to help you understand why they are the number choice for so many years and how they can be used in every way possible.


  • Some common door locks you might want to consider having for your homes?


There are 4 types of common door locks that are very popular for the residency such as,

1) Knob locks:

They are first common locks, which can be used with any kind of doors. Like front doors, garage door, bedroom doors and many more. These locks have knobs on the both sides meaning one side has a key hole and other side has the lock. When you are changing or replacing a knob lock try to certain that which side of the door you want the lock.

2) Handle lever locks:

These handle locks are typically found in interior doors. They are very stylish and feel very nice in your hands. Easy to access, most of them do not require any keys. To lock or unlock the doors involve twisting or pushing the button from inside. http://www.paulsandberg.net/

3) Deadbolt locks:

These locks are very common for the front doors. One great thing about them is that they are very secure and very affordable. They have a metal bolts that slide into the door jams. Its bolt is controlled by the latch inside the door and keyhole from the outside.

4) Entry keyless pads:

These locks are electronic and used as numbered keypads instead of a key. They usually require codes, a slide to the deadbolt for open. They are very expensive locks. They basically some in two kinds one is keyless pads and other is touch pad card system. You need to call a professional to have you install this security system.

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