What You Need To Know About Window Cornices


In any house, the design of the interiors and its decorations play a vital role. After all, you will certainly want to live inside a home that looks good and feels comfortable. Along with walls and ceilings, your cornice and the furnishing designs should also represent your distinct aesthetic taste. For example, the windows can be made to look beautiful by the addition of cornices. It is possible to get a wide variety of cornices so that it will be suitable for the overall aesthetics of your house. You can visit plaster and cornice suppliers to find out which ones will be suitable for your home.

What is a Cornice?

  • A cornice is basically a block which has been molded into shape. They can be placed over doors or windows as they make a great addition as a design element for most rooms.
  • You may even use them on the walls and arches of your home. The primary purpose of cornices is to improve the overall beauty of the home and add an extra layer of beauty.
  • Cornices are generally made from wood. However, plaster is rapidly becoming a popular choice for the manufacture of cornices. If you are in search of cornices, you can visit reputable plaster and cornice suppliers.

Determining the Perfect Size of the Cornice

  • The choice of cornices for window treatments is generally dependent on the dimensions of your window where they are going to be placed.
  • Apart from the size, you will also need to consider the type of the window you want to treat. Cornices are not suitable for every kind of window.
  • Details such as the height and width of the cornice will be completely up to you. Generally, cornices should not extend more than ten inches out from the window frame.
  • There is a sizeable variety of designs as well when you are planning to attach cornices. You will find that wider cornices are more suitable if you plan to hang drapes for the window.
  • In such cases, the width of the cornice should be around 5 inches so as to look suitable. On the other hand, if plan to add valances along with drapes, the cornice should be much wider.
  • Ensure that your window looks tall by choosing the proper height of the cornice. You will certainly find cornices of all sizes at plaster and cornice suppliers.

The Style of the Cornice

  • One of the popular styles of window cornices is the flat wood design. However, such designs will work best when you have opted for a rustic design for your window treatments.
  • You can also choose cornices that have been covered by fabric.
  • In this style, a thick fabric is wrapped around the base tightly. Therefore, you will only be able to see the design of fabric rather than the material of the cornice.

Cornice and the curtain colors must match: think accordingly

  • A good design choice of cornice would be to opt for cornices whose colors match that of the curtains. On the other hand, you may have to repaint the cornice if you change the drapes later.
  • An alternative would be to get the cornice painted in contrasting colors as that can create a remarkable effect.
  • Sometimes, you can simply opt for white as this color suits almost all kinds of aesthetics. Opting for plaster cornices will be better as they can be painted upon easily.
  • You can get them from reputed plaster and cornice suppliers.

A cornice can be a great addition to most homes. Visit plaster and cornice suppliers to find something that goes well with the aesthetics of your room. Alternatively, you can ask interior designers for their advice.