What to Look For in a Building Services Company


It used to be such that any building project would require an army of tradespeople, all of which are separate entities, and even a small project like a house extension would require focused co-ordination. Dealing with multiple contractors is something a professional site manager is accustomed to, yet for the average British homeowner, extending the property is a daunting proposition, what with electricians, plumbers and heating engineers. One stop solutions are in-trend, and if you require any building services, a single contractor should be able to take on the project and deal with every aspect from initial design to official handover.

  • Established and Experienced – Any builder that has been in business for at least a decade would have the necessary resources to complete any domestic project, and if you happen to live in Gloucester or surrounding areas, Mitchell’s building contractors have been in business since 1905, and whatever your construction needs, this family owned company are the people to contact. Over the years, a builder would gradually expand their range of services, and by providing a comprehensive service to homeowners, they are able to complete the project on time and to budget.
  • Project Management – It isn’t only large commercial projects that can benefit from management, and ideally, your local building contractor would assign you a project manager, and you only have to deal with a single person. This person would have a wealth of experience in coordinating domestic building projects, and the client would always be informed at every stage of the project.
  • No Hidden Charges – The construction industry is well known for additional costs, and in some ways, this is easy to understand. It often is the case where additional materials need to be used, and every project would have extra work to some degree, but if you deal with a reputable contractor, they would quote for the contract, and should you accept, that would be the price you pay.
  • Creative Solutions – There are builders who only work to the plans and are generally rather rigid in their approach, while others are more holistic, and with client input, they would use their expertise to come up with the ideal design. The average homeowner is not familiar enough with modern construction techniques, and is often pleasantly surprised when a professional makes suggestions. The more time you spend at the design stage, the more personalised the new space will be, and by taking into account things like materials and maintenance, one can create a unique living area.

It might be a small extension you have in mind, or even that dream home you and your partner have longed for, and whatever the size and scope of the project, sourcing the right builder will be the key to a smooth project that will exceed your expectations. From the very first consultation to the official handover, an established builder of today would have the resources to handle the entire project without any sub-contractors involved, and if it is a family owned business that has been handed down over the years, you will be helping your local community.