What should you know if you have decided to paint your metal roof

The metal roofs are exposed to painting not only for aesthetic reasons but also to protect the metal roof against corrosion. To avoid rusting of the metal roof you should paint it with specially designed industrial paints.
It is known that metal roof rusts under the influence of moisture at an incredible rate. To avoid this destruction, during painting are used specially developed industrial paints. Painting of roofs of various types of metal requires the use of appropriate formulations.


Metal roofs conventionally divided into three categories:

  • Ferrous metal
  • Galvanized
  • Of non-ferrous metals (copper, zinc).

Painting of the roof of black metal

Black metal roof should be painted on a mandatory basis (with priming). To painting people apply acrylic coloring materials with additives against corrosion. Acrylic – is elastic material that is the most important factor for the metal roof. Due to the extreme temperatures the metal elements are in constant fluctuation, then narrowed, then widened. Therefore, it is not necessary to paint the roof with alkyd or oil-based paints, which quickly begin to flake and crack – it looks ugly and harmful to the general state of the metal roof.

For black metal roof there are a lot of specially designed different water-resistant aluminum paints where one-component enamel with the addition of aluminum powder, perchlorovinyl and epoxy resins, organic solvents and corrosion inhibitors. Due to the unique composition such paints have a high abrasion resistance, elasticity and are an excellent barrier against rust.

Painting of the galvanized roofs

Galvanized sheet metal – is common materials for metal roof, allowing for longer protect the roof from rust. But the thin zinc coating under mechanical action (scratches, chips) eventually begins to break down. To prevent corrosion of the zinc layer, it is necessary to make the painting of the roof. To cover the galvanized roof can not be used alkyd compounds. From contact with zinc, the alkyd resins inevitably arises alkaline reaction, nullifies the properties of the encircling paint products, which leads to their disbonding.

New galvanized roof should be painted not immediately, but after waiting 2-3 months of operation. This period is necessary to form a protective film of zinc salts. The appearance of the zinc patina further enhances the adhesion of the metal roof covering.

Painting of the metal roof

Painting of a metal roof – is troublesome but necessary. Before you start painting necessarily check the condition of the roof, gutters and downpipes. It should identify and replace all rusted items, remove old loose paint. Fat deposits and dirt wash with soap solution. Clean the rust with a steel brush or special chemicals – rust converters, which are applied to the surface. When working with this structure, so as not to damage the eyes and skin, it is necessary to use protective equipment: gloves, respiratory masks and goggles. After waiting for the complete drying of the transforming means within 5 days, you can start painting the metal roof.

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