What Can a Professional Sewage Treatment Company Do For You?


For many houses in the UK that aren’t linked to the local sewage system, building a septic tank and a separate sewage treatment system is essential. If you live in the countryside and your house isn’t connected to the main sewage system, you might need the services of a professional sewage treatment company.

Companies such as Cadwallader J Sewage Treatment Ltd offer a wide range of services to their customers. Here are a few things that they can do for you:

Building a Sewage Treatment Plant

One of the most obvious services offered by such companies is the installation of sewage treatment plants. The size and design of the sewage treatment plant may vary depending upon the size of your house. A bigger treatment plant might be needed in case you live in a bigger house with more people, and vice versa. The company will visit your house, inspect your requirements and then give you a quote regarding the construction of the sewage treatment system.

Temporary Systems

If you don’t need a permanent sewage treatment solution for your house, you should consider opting for a temporary solution that can cover your needs for a short span of time. Temporary sewage treatments generally have a much shorter time span and can be removed whenever you want. The standards maintained by the treatment companies are generally in line with the standards set down by local regulatory agencies in order to make sure that the environment isn’t adversely affected. These companies also offer septic tank cleaning and treatment services. If your septic tank is choking up, give them a call. The company will send a cleaning crew to your address in the shortest amount of time possible.