What Are Security Doors and What Are Their Advantages?

Security Doors

You must install a proper security door in your home because it will protect your family.  But first decide what type of security you want. Because, given enough time and all the hardware, the doors can be broken. But why to bother there are so many weak points in a structure that a burglar with enough time will not try to pry open or pinch the door locks he can jolly well burgle your apartment through windows. If you buy strong security doors made of wood, glass, aluminum and steel, you must also install a fire alarm and a burglar alarm on the door, to ensure double safety of your home, or of your commercial property.

 Types of security door:

  • Wooden doors are good, but to give you adequate protection the doors must be of solid hardwood and not those fancy board doors reinforced with metals.
  • But solid wood doors that can deter a burglar will cost you the moon. It’s better to go for steel doors. Steel are still strong, and a thoroughly welded heavy plated door is not easy to break without gas cutters.
  • But, door frames are the weak point of a strong door. Watch out for the hinges, it must be properly fixed with the frame and then with the door. Remember hinges have a tendency to sag and the burglar knows it very well, after all they are professionals.

Security Doors

Best security door: stainless steel, grill and stronger materials

Steel or aluminum both is used in security doors, but which one is better is a debated question. The claim is that the structural grade aluminum doors are at least 6 to 7 times stronger than steel doors. The visible advantage of aluminum over steel is that aluminum is rust free and corrosion resistant.

  • However, the steel used for doors are normally galvanized to prevent rusting. Now, you can get reinforced frames in the market. All these frames are galvanized, without any visible welding points. Such frames are good and tamper proof.
  • Normally, in every country you will find certification authorities, they are there to certify that the product is on par with standard security guidelines, verify your product. If, there is no such authority then look for products that conform to the international standard.
  • Those who want double security cover ask for a grill gate or a mesh gate as a first barrier to protect their citadel. The million dollar question is which one protects you better. The simple answer is none. The gates that are tamper proof are very costly, and if you install a double door at your home, it will give it a look of very high-security prison or a bank vault.
  • On the other hand, those look aesthetic can only prevent stray animals. Of course, a mesh door can give your home a look of security. So, it’s better not to waste your money on a double security cover.

The ideal security

Go, for a good quality door, buy a standard one and secure your door frames. If necessary buy reinforced door frames and take care to fix the frame. Take care that there is no gap between the frame and the masonry. Then install the door. The security doors are a barrier to the burglar and a sense of protection to the owner. But, vacant homes are burgled most. So, take the help of modern technology. There are gadgets that will record your voice and keep playing it intermittently, switch the lights on and off to give it a look that your home is occupied.

If you install mechanical security doors, then you must face the hassles of opening and closing the door repeatedly, but if you install the motorized versions, then it will take less time, and the door can also be locked by using a secret digital combination. Still want to know more then click here and get more information.