Ways to increase the rental value of your property


One of the greatest accomplishments for many people is to own Real Estate in Delhi, Mumbai or other metropolitan cities in India or for that matter, in any part of the world. When you do own a property and you wish to take it to another level by giving it out on rent and reaping monthly income out of it, then you would also wish that that rent was high enough. Now, at the same time, you can’t be unrealistic about the money that you plan to charge from the tenants.

However, there are certain ways to increase the rental value of your property so that even the people who move in will not have any inhibitions in paying that much once they see and appreciate the value of your property.

  • Truly lovable bathrooms

Believe it or not, one thing that can play a major role in luring tenants to your flat is a gorgeous bathroom. There are more people than you know who judge a house by its bathroom. Dirty drains or all old fashion amenities can put off any tenant instantly. Make sure that you take extra care to make the bathroom as lavish as possible and also extremely clean and self sufficient in terms of shower curtains, soap dishes and so on.

  • Sparkling kitchens

The next thing that you can do is to move on to the kitchen and treat it in a similar fashion. If the kitchen space is small, you need to try smart ways of making it appear big and modern. May b experiment with the wall paint, the tiles, the flooring and so on. Once you feel that the kitchen is perfect, ask yourself if you would be happy to accept cooking in such a place. If your honest answer is a big yes, then you can be sure that your tenants are most likely to like it too.

  • Cabinets and power back up

Every tenant would want to move into a house that has cabinets. Make sure that you install some handy ones so as to provide maximum storage space to whoever is going to stay in that house. In addition to that, do install a generator or other means of power back up if there is an electricity issue in that area. You don’t want them to be uncomfortable in any weather.

  • Garden greens

Plants create a very positive environment wherever they are kept. If you include a bunch of ornamental plants and floral blooms is small pots, then that would create an illusion as if the house is really expensive and the tenants will not mind paying the amount you would ask them. But again, you need to be realistic in this case as well. You cannot charge them a bomb just because you added some natural beauty indoors. You have to make your decisions sensibly and in a mature way otherwise you may end up losing important opportunities in many ways.

  • DIY lighting

If you are interested in some crafts, then you could experiment a lot with lighting. DIY some beer bottles and fairy lights to create a magical lamp in the bedroom. Your guests will certainly appreciate your effort. Also, you could think about other ideas in which you can easily improve the indoor lighting so that when anyone moves in, they find the house warm and welcoming and not some strange place which they are doubtful about. Finally, make sure that all the repairs are done. Chipping paint, dirty floors, messy balconies and any litter can shoo away prospective business.