Use it Correctly and Come Home Happy

A construction worker or foreman at a construction site observing the progress of construction job or project, with copy space

As with any construction job, there are risks involved with your work. However, if you and your workers follow proper safety regulations and rules, most incidents can be easily avoided. Scaffolding is a great way to reduce the risk of accidents on the job, but there are safety rules for its use as well. The higher you climb, the farther you fall, and it is imperative that you pay close attention as you work.

First and foremost, you must decide whether to erect the scaffolding on your own or hire a professional erector. In almost every case, the latter decision is the best and safest decision for all involved. Professional erectors ensure that their scaffolding is erected to construction code every single time, and they will even instruct your men in its proper use without complaint.

Basic Protocol

Although it might seem like common sense, it is important to follow a list of very specific rules as you utilise your scaffolding. Swindon access equipment is made of only the highest quality materials, and you stand to finish your work quickly and efficiency with the right focus on detail.

To keep your men safe, never allow them to work during stormy or windy weather. Even if the sky is blue and completely free of clouds, but the wind is extremely strong, you cannot allow them to work. Strong winds can catch workers off guard, and many accidents occur when a worker is least expecting such a thing.

Latch Yourself at all Times

If you are working above a height of 10 metres, it is imperative that you utilise safety belts and lanyards at all times. A slip of the foot is enough to send even the most seasoned construction worker into a fall. Therefore, it is important to remain firmly attached to the scaffolding so long as you are working. There is no such thing as too much safety when it comes to the men you employ, and your men will work harder knowing you are watching out for them.