Understand the Variety of Bedspread Ensemble in Detail


Choosing a bed ensemble is daunting and expensive, but can easily offer a gorgeously dressed bed. The first hurdle, you experience is to select from bedspread, quilt, coverlet, blanket, and comforter. Therefore, let’s understand them all in detail.


Basically, bed covers are designed to be used as top layer. Quilts, coverlets, and comforters all fall in this category. You get these in variety of fabrics, thick or light, and can be used for warming or decorative purpose.


A comforter is thick and quilted. Generally, colours are dyed and it has printed patterns. Material layers of down feathers, polyester batting, silk, or wool are used to fill the comforter. Thickness determines insulation level and weight. These are quilted to ensure that the filling is distributed evenly and secured.


Quilt are composed of 3-layers, which includes –

  1. Top – Woven cloth
  2. Mid-layer – batting
  3. Back – Woven fabric

All three layers are stitched in a decorative pattern. Traditional and classic patterns of quilts are available, which can be given on vital occasions like birth of child, marriage, or when someone is going to a foreign land. Modern quilts are employed as throws, table runners, wall hangings, etc. You can buy quilt covers online available in variety of styles, colors, and patterns. There is one for everyone, just look through it.

Duvet & cover

A soft and flat bag filled with feathers, synthetic or down is a duvet. Duvets are inserted inside removable cover like pillow. You can use duvets alone because the outer cover can be removed and laundered. However, many ladies use them with bed sheets. It reduces the complexity to make bed because it is a sole covering rather than a blend of bed sheets, quilts, blankets, and more bed covers.


It is a non-reversible, lightweight bedspread, usually woven or quilted. It is a classic decorative layer, which blends well with thick bread spreads. Coverlet is also available with thin batting layer, which can be used as solo bed covering. Because of its decorative quality and size, you cannot use them as pillow tuck.

Throw blankets & bed scarves

When you toss throw blankets haphazardly on the bed, it adds texture, color, and coziness.