Tips to Make Your Removal Greener


Summer has come and we all know that its beginning marks also the start of the “moving season”. London streets are now full of people who are often deadly afraid of the dozens of chores they have to handle over a short period of time in order to successfully complete their removal from one address to another. Sadly, not many of them are aware that the process can create a lot of waste that unnecessarily pollutes the environment. This is why we decided to provide you with 6 useful tips to keep your removal as eco-friendly as possible:

  • Use second hand packing supplies! – Renting durable moving cartons is a much better idea than buying ones that you will most certainly never use again. It will be great if they are made of some recycled materials like plastic bottles, etc., but in case you cannot find such kind of packing supplies, you can always try to borrow some reusable ones. The important thing is to avoid purchasing new and redundant plastic boxes which will only occlude your space and contribute to the pollution.
  • Work with recycled paper and pens! – All of the boxes, packages and bags which you have loaded your luggage into have to be labeled in order for you to be capable of arranging the stuff in your future home easily and promptly. You can contribute much to nature’s preservation by using recycled paper and pens for the labels. Every single tree saved today will ensure your fresh air tomorrow, do not forget that!
  • Leave the bubble wrap! – Just think about how many years is going to cost our planet the decomposing of all the plastic that we use just once and throw after that every single day. Yes, wrapping your precious belongings could make you feel much safer and calm during the transportation process, but bubble wrap is definitely not the only material you could use for that. It can be very successfully replaced by any kind of cloth – old sheets, towels and even dresses are also perfect options. You can wash and use them as much times as you want. Think about the environment and save it at least the next plastic portion.
  • Donate or sell! – There surely are at least one or two boxes that you filled with things you will absolutely never use again. Maybe you actually didn’t even think of taking them out of the cartons after you complete the moving, but meanwhile your heart just does not allow you to throw them out. So why don’t you try to make someone else happy and be nature-friendly in the same time? Giving these items for charity or selling them will prevent you from storing additional clutter, free your space for new stuff and let you avoid treating the old like rubbish.
  • Decrease the fuel waste! – Try to plan your home removal so thoroughly that you will be able to load your entire luggage in a single van, no matter how large it is. Covering your removal by only one vehicle will help you avoid further Carbon Dioxide emissions and it is widely known how important this is for our planet’s health.
  • Hire a green moving company! – There are many professional moving teams in Pimlico that can help you complete the process with minimum bad influence on the environment. Companies’ politics is not the same everywhere, but those which try to be eco-friendly have biodiesel-powered vehicles, reusable packing supplies, etc. Some of them will also try to select the shortest route or even offer green cleaning for your old place.

You will be surprised how much people can do to save the nature, by making even the smallest changes!