Tips for Buying a Four Poster Bed


Four poster beds have been making a resurgence of sorts over the past few years throughout the country. They are becoming more and more popular amongst homeowners due to their elegance and style, and have also become considerably more affordable over the past few years or so. If you are thinking of buying a new bed for your home, there are a number of different options you can consider. If you want to make the right purchase, here are a few tips that will make it easy for you to choose the right poster bed frame.

Single or Double Bed?

The first decision you need is to choose whether to buy a single bed or a double bed. If you live with a partner and have a larger sized bedroom, you should consider buying a double bed. There are many companies that also offer customised bed frames that are created to a specific size of your preferences. However, you need to keep in mind that a four post bed frame is inherently going to take up more space as compared to their conventional bed frames. You can decorate your four poster bed frame in many different ways; the more items you decide to hang on your bed, the bigger it will look. Before checking out the different sizes of beds, you should first measure the space in your bedroom and then check the dimensions carefully before making such a purchase.


As you can imagine, the prices of a four poster bed frame are considerably higher than a standard bed frame. Due to the fact that more material is used in four poster bed frames and because of the intricacy of the design, they are sold at a much higher price. Four poster beds originally rose to fame during the olden days, when they were primarily used in the houses of noblemen and kings. They were very popular during the Victorian times as well, which is why many consider them to be a sign of luxury.

Material for the Frame

The material for the bed frame also plays an important role in the overall price you will need to pay for the bed. For instance, if you choose a bed frame that’s made out of wrought iron, it is going to be much cheaper than a wooden bed frame. Wooden bed frames are generally made from resilient wood such as timber or oak, and are also quite cumbersome to transport from the shop to your place.

Wrought iron bed frames are the ideal choice amongst the people due to the fact that they are easier to assemble and are also considerably affordable. If you are interested in buying a four poster bed for your house, you can visit several furniture showrooms around your place and check out the options available. Four poster beds are available in different designs and colours, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Most companies offer delivery, though you might have to arrange transport in some cases.