Three Ways to Convince Your Spouse to Buy a New Home


In a healthy marriage, major decisions and choices need the enthusiastic support of both partners. This can be a problem when one spouse badly favors a major move, while the other sees little reason for the change. From a new car to a vacation, it can be a struggle to get to the point where both partners are on board. It can be much harder when the subject is the biggest expense that you’ll ever make — a new home.

Your enthusiasm alone won’t get you your way. Simply pushing your agenda through will cause friction for a number of reasons. Apart from the fact that it would be unfair, it could make every decision that follows the actual buying decision, that much harder to make. From questions to do with where to buy and how much to spend to choices on how big to go and how to decorate, discussions can turn rough. It can make the entire process much easier if everyone involved is of one mind. Here are three important, fundamental areas to focus on when you need to make your point.

Get the math down to perfection

When one spouse isn’t very happy with the idea of buying, it’s usually concern about money that is the cause. You can begin with points on how rents have risen very quickly in the recent past, and how interest rates have dropped to historically low levels. If you aren’t a math whiz, you should hire an accountant to make an unassailable financial case for buying. When correctly done, the plan should show how buying is often cheaper than renting. There has been no better time to buy a house in a long time. It’s a buyer’s market today.

Make use of every digital tool available

Millennials tend to be far more interested in renting than buying. Their resistance to buying used to be for a good reason — they grew up in the suburbs, and they are tired of it. They want back the opportunities that the urban life promises.

If fear of an empty suburban life is what holds your spouse back from backing a home purchase plan, you need to demonstrate how the suburbs are no longer wastelands of malls and manicured parks, and little else. According to Gershman Mortgage Denver, today’s suburbs tend to be full of exciting new possibilities for learning, culture and entertainment, sometimes exceeding major cities. All you need to do is to get in touch with a top real estate agent, and use the hyper-local search technologies they have access to, to find every restaurant, yoga studio and children’s class around. A look at the opportunities available can quickly change anyone’s mind.

You get to live in a better home

In most parts of the country, a quality rental can be hard to find — one with good bathrooms, flooring, appliances and a landlord who deals with his tenants in a fair-minded way. Freedom from poor quality rentals can be a very tempting idea. Often, the idea that homeownership frees you from poor treatment at the hands of landlords alone, can help a person see how meaningful buying is. It can be the thought that sets the ball rolling.