Three Tips for Finding the Right Roofer


There is nothing worse than coming home to find a leak in the roof right as the rainy season begins. But the greater inconvenience is often finding a roofing contractor whom you trust to come out and repair or replace the roof. With a variety of roofing contractors available, it can be challenging to discern which contractor is the right fit for your job.

Properly Licensed & Insured

There are a few steps you can take to find the truly professional roofers in Stoke, and the first is to make sure that each consideration has insurance and proper licensing. Without good insurance, you could be liable for anything that happens while the contractor works on your roof, so this is incredibly important. Of course, any additional certifications or memberships usually indicate that the roofer in question has met certain criteria.

Additional Criteria

Although licensing and insurance are the most important qualifications, roofers should also meet a few additional criteria.

  • All good roofers provide a free estimate, and this is important to get in writing so you can do a comparison of your top choices. Money is not the most important consideration but certainly holds some importance.
  • All work the roofer does should be under warranty, and he or she should not hesitate to let you know that if anything goes wrong as it will be covered.
  • Make sure you read the website for testimonials or ask the roofer for three or four references who will speak on his or her behalf.

Ultimately, roofers who meet all requirements are also able to maintain a great level of communication and make you feel comfortable that the job will be done on time and with excellence.