Three Benefits of Slate Roofing


There are many roofing materials to choose from for houses. The type of house and its location play an important role in the choice of materials. For homes with historical value, a slate roof can be the best roofing choice as it provides these benefits.

Long Lasting

Slate is a natural stone material so it is durable and will hold up to any type of weather. Since the tiles are heavy, it provides great protection for roofs in windy locations as the roofing won’t tear off. The material also stands up well to fire because it doesn’t burn so it can help protect your home if a fire is spreading in the area.

Low Maintenance

Unlike other roofing materials, slate is low maintenance so it doesn’t require inspection or repairs as other types of roofs do. Slate doesn’t rot as shake roofing does and insects cannot bore into it as they can with wood. Rain will help keep the roof clean and most debris will slide off it since slate is slick so it will also have a pleasing appearance.

Recyclable Material

Most other types of roofing materials cannot be recycled as slate can. If the roof is being replaced to change its appearance, slate can be reused if it is handled carefully by roofers in Heckmondwike. Since is recyclable, slate roofing can be reclaimed if a building is being torn down so you could save money by purchasing used slate shingles.

If your home is in an historical area, then the roof can be covered with slate to help preserve its appearance. Since slate is heavy and difficult to walk on, you should leave any necessary repairs on the roof to professional roofers who know how to protect themselves and the material. If you have a historical or luxurious home, slate roofing is a great option.