Things to remember when hiring a skip


Regardless of whether you want to hire a skip bin for a particular construction or clearance project in your house or office, you should consider looking for a professional company which can provide you with a skip bin service and which can then conveniently dispose of any of the waste which was created during this project. It is critical if you are undertaking renovations or restorations of your house that you don’t get involved in legal trouble with any local authority by incorrectly collecting and disposing of a variety of different types of rubbish in breach of safety regulations. Indeed, if you fail to collect and dispose of your waist correctly you may well incur a penalty from the local authorities while you may be forced to spend more money on hiring another skip bin if you do not choose the correct size. If you follow a simple list of do’s and don’ts when you are thinking of hiring a skip bin, you can make sure you hire the best professional company for the job while also understanding the terms of the agreement made between yourself and your chosen skip bin hire organisation.

Order the correct size

One of the simplest things you can do to make sure you don’t incur any extra costs when hiring a skip bin is to make sure you hire the correct size. If you are undertaking a large job then make sure you order the correct size of skip bin for the size of the job. If you get this initial choice wrong you might have to spend more money on hiring another skip bin to deal with the extra waste.

Make sure you are safe

Another consideration that must be made when you’re thinking of hiring a company which provides skip bins in Murdoch is the issues of health and safety. Indeed, a construction project generally involves the extraction of waste materials which could potentially be dangerous if not disposed of in the correct way. Furthermore, you must think about access to your property and where you will locate the skip bin. In addition, you need to consider the type of waste that you are disposing of as well as the amount that you think you will produce from this particular project. If you want to locate the skip bin on a main road, then you might have to contact the local authorities to make sure that the appropriate permits are issued while you may also have to find traffic cones and a safety light to make sure that other road users are safe. However, ask your skip bin hire company whether they will provide these items for you.

Fill the skip bin appropriately

Furthermore, when you are undertaking a restoration or construction job then you will be left with a significant amount of waste. Therefore, you should not overfill the particular skip bin that you have hired as this may exceed legal weight limits when being transported for disposal. Indeed, in such circumstances both the driver and business could be prosecuted for being a threat to road safety. In addition, overfilled skip bins could drop materials onto the road causing safety issues for road users.

Do not light fires in a skip bin

Finally, a skip bin should never be used to burn any forms of waste material which may be in contravention of the local authority’s fire regulations. Furthermore, you should never dump any illegal or unpermitted items including asbestos or white goods into a skip bin. These items should be disposed of correctly and not dumped in the skip bin you have hired for other waste disposal purposes.

Make sure you follow these guidelines to hire a skip bin safely and legally.