The House Fire hazard of Dirty Dryer Vent


In the modern times today, everybody is busy and has a strict everyday schedule in which the household chores are a major part. One of the important household works is that of washing and drying clothes. Every day you need a fresh set of clothes both to wear to the office and home after work. It is a fact that the weather cannot always be relied on. What about the rainy days? Thus, almost every house now has a washer as well as a dryer that can be relied on. A dryer vent comes with the appliance. This is one element that can pose potential threat to the house if not maintained. So, you should choose the best services for dryer vent cleaning fairfax va. The extraction of the hot or humid air that the dryer releases is vital. Which is why if the vent composite of the dryer gets badly clogged, it will no longer efficiently vent out the hot air that can at any moment set out a fire in the house.

Know what a Dryer vent is!

It is a fact that any home dryer will always be equipped with a dryer vent unless you have bought a vent-less dryer for your home. The vent is like a hose pipe that is usually hidden at the back side of the appliance. If you are not aware of it, then do check because you any which ways have to keep a check on this element of the dryer as it will require regular maintenance. The absence of a dryer vent is equally hazardous to the home as is a blocked vent. After all it is the work of the vent to emit all of the exhausted hot air from the dryer out of the house.

Thus, keeping the duct or vent of the dryer clean is prerogative for safety and security reasons. That being the primary concern, the next concern is that of the appliance itself and its life span. So, in order to have a spotless dryer duct get in touch with the companies providing dryer vent cleaning fairfax va services and chose wisely among them.

House-Fire Statistics:

A dryer is one among the most commonly used household appliance in the whole of the world including Fairfax, VA. Have you ever thought that a mere cloth drying appliance can potentially set your house on fire at any moment? Yes, it is true. Even the National Fire Protection Association accounts for it. Clogged dryer vents accounts to set out almost 3,000 house fires in the U.S on a yearly basis as per latest reports. These dangerous fires cause an estimated property spoil of around 35$ million; 100 hurts and an average of 5 deaths. After much study it has been concluded that around 34% of the household fire is triggered by the dirty vent of the dryer appliances. The lint is to be blamed. It is the heavy lint accumulation in the dryer vent or duct that makes them so prone to combustion and thus leading to house fire.