The Buyers Guide To Domestic Home Lifts


To make life comfortable in every aspect, we are provided with various amenities and one such important one are domestic lifts. They provide more ease as compared to a stair lift and are available in wide varieties and designs to fit any staircase. Installing domestic lifts is a good investment that is sure to have a great impact on the quality of one’s life. For any such investment be it purchasing a gadget to buying an expensive piece of jewellery, weighing the pros and cons of the same is essential. It is normal human nature to study about the product before buying the same. Therefore, following the buyer’s guide before installing the lift would be useful.

Points to be considered before installation

  1. Check Quality – Before installing lift one should make sure that the suppliers are reputed and provide good quality product like Terry Lifts. A lift usually comes with 15-20 years of longevity after which a replacement is necessary. Before installation you should make sure that the people you hire are experts and that the product is of good quality.
  2. Maintain safety measures – Installation of  the machine should not be the end of your job. You also need to take care so that at all times it meets high safety standards. Also, make sure that some crucial features such as emergency lowering and others are working properly in the machine. In addition, the emergency alarms should also be functioning properly.  Ddo not ignore small repairs and do keep up regular maintenance.
  3. Look for the design – The designing of the lift should be such that it perfectly fits your home space. Within designing, apart from the visual look of the machine, the placing of the mechanical and electrical parts also needs to be considered. To ensure further safety, checking the longevity of the parts is essential. In this regard, you also need to maintain whether you wish to set the automatic door of the lifts for independent use. Select the style of the lift that can be installed in the available space in the domestic area.
  4. Purpose – The elevator should have a definite capacity to meet domestic requirements. When installing the same for domestic use, then it should be capable of lifting at least 15-20 times a day. You should check what weight requirements you will be having and as per that you should choose the right make of lifts.  

Like mentioned above the most important aspects is choosing the right company to do the installation of domestic lifts like for example Terry Lifts. If you choose one of the best companies in this field then more than half of your work is already taken care of. The domestic lifts are not only important for your convenience but are also very important for your and your loved ones safety at home. So keep the above points in mind before making the selection.