The Benefits of New Soffits and Fascia’s


When deciding on home improvements, especially to the external elevations and envelope of your property, most people are unable to take each individual component of a house into consideration.

For example, the word roof is a catch all term for everything above your vertical walls but of course the roof itself is made up of many different components, each playing their own role in keeping your home watertight and comfortable.

The roof soffit and fascia is one such component often overlooked during maintenance and renovation but today we’ll be giving it the attention it deserves.

What Are They?

Soffits and fascia’s make up a section of your property’s roof system which is known as the eaves. The eaves are responsible for not only providing that aesthetically pleasing overhang but are directly responsible for ensuring that rain water is able to clear the envelope of your property.

Soffit, derived from French, simply means “something fixed underneath”. If you walk outside and immediately look up and back at your property, you will see a board which forms a return from the edge of your roof which runs back to the property.

The fascia or fascia board is the piece of material that connects these two components together and sits directly exposed to the elements.

Why Are They Important?

As you can see, they’re quite a prominent feature of the exterior of your home and help to integrate each piece of its structure.

Due to their location and the type of material typically used in their construction, soffits and fasciae are required to stand up to a lot of abuse which can see them lose their colour over time.

As well as providing aesthetic appeal, they are also required to;

  • Provide a cover for your roof rafters so they aren’t exposed. Exposure can lead to excessive water ingress which will increase the likelihood of timber beams suffering from damp and wood rot.
  • Provide a platform for the fixture of rainwater goods such as guttering and downpipes. This allows water to be taken away from the roof without it running down the external walls of your house. Continually damp walls will usually result in water ingress as water finds its way through the external skin of brickwork and into your cavity wall.

The Benefits of a New Eave System

Like most of the structure of your roof, the eaves are considered to be a consumable item that should be refreshed when nearing the end of their useful lifespan.

Replacing these items sooner rather than later will result in a building that performs better. Newer soffits and fascia boards or also likely to;

  • Feature ventilation grills to allow fresh air to enter your roof space preventing damp
  • Be made from better performing materials that last longer like PVC

Any good glazing supplier or construction company should be able to assist you in their replacement. SRJ Windows is one of many companies operating in Scotland that has experience in maintaining and providing new windows, doors and eave systems.  Each company will be able to offer you different styles and colours so make sure that you shop around.

Give your home a new lease of life and improve its performance by replacing all of those tired and worn components that are past their best.