The Benefits of a Detached Garage


Garages are highly convenient structures on properties because they allow the owners to park their vehicles out of the current weather and further their lifespans. In addition, this added space can be repurposed into almost anything to suit a person’s needs, whether he or she needs to build a workshop or an art studio. However, there are several key differences and advantages associated with a detached garage and you can choose from a number of sizes and designs to ensure that you get the best results.

Property Position

Some properties are positioned in such a way that an attached garage is simply out of the question, which is not uncommon in more populated areas. If you have no room to build a garage as part of your main property but you have a large back yard or other area on the property, it may be more beneficial to look at detached options. This should allow you to safely park vehicles on your property without the hassle of constructing the structure as part of your home.


Even if, in theory, you have plenty of room for an attached garage, the architectural style of your home may not lend well to this type of attachment. Garages in Nowra are highly cost-effective and can be designed to fit one or more vehicles with ease. In addition, you can build a unique structure to ensure that it fits well with the current architecture of your property and any other visible décor outside the building.


If you do choose to build a workshop out of the garage, a detached garage is the perfect way to get the privacy that you need to work in peace. After all, children are by nature highly inquisitive and will likely try to speak to you during your work or attempt to gain your attention. By removing your workshop from the main building, you can make the message clear that your work and your home are two separate areas that should be treated as such.

Noise Pollution

Working in a garage or even just using it for its purpose of housing vehicles can make an otherwise peaceful home fill with intrusive noise. The sound of power tools at work, engines running, horns honking, and much more can make the quality of life inside the home go down over time. Rather than facing all of that, you can have a detached garage installed and enjoy peace and quiet when inside your property or working in the garage structure.


Although this is not particularly common, it is not unheard of for a workshop accident to result in a fire or the release of harmful chemicals. If you work in any craft that must utilise a hazardous material to create results, such as leather tanning, having the garage structure built away from the main property can protect those living inside. This alone could be reason enough for millions of homeowners to consider this option over attached garages.


Compared to an attached garage, a detached garage can be built at a much lower cost, depending on the style and size of the structure. If you only need a single-vehicle garage for your vehicle, you hardly need anything overly large or ornate to get the job done, which can further decrease the cost of installation. You stand to greatly benefit if you consider this option over an attached garage any day of the year.