The Advantages of Using a Handheld Showerhead


    When you consider that the average individual takes around 30,000 showers during the course of his or her lifetime, you may not want to keep going with the flow. Instead, you may want to opt for using a handheld showerhead. Using this type of hardware will enable you to save water whilst enjoying a fairly forceful shower at the same time.

    How Are the Showerheads Designed?

    Handheld showerheads are designed so they affix to a shower wall by way of a rubber hose. That way, you have more control of where to direct the spray. If you are eco-conscious, you can enjoy showering and conserving water simultaneously. These types of showerheads can be installed in about the same way a fixed showerhead is installed. You do not need to perform an expanded demo in order to install this type of shower accessory.

    An Easy Clean-up

    Also, if you find that you often struggle to remove mildew or soap scum from your shower tiles, then you can lessen the burden by installing a handheld shower device. Using this type of showerhead will allow you to rinse away any residue on the shower walls without too much difficulty. If you use the showerhead to clean your shower wall, spray down the wall right before you scrub it. Then rinse down the wall with the showerhead to freshen the look of your tiles.

    When you review bathroom supplies online, you will find that handheld showerheads come in different styles to improve your overall shower experience. Some models are made to offer a spa type of experience. You can use this type of showerhead to ease sore muscles or rinse away leg hair whilst shaving. If you cannot pick up the device while showering, simply leave the showerhead in its bracket and use it as you would use a fixed showerhead.

    Children Like This Type of Design

    If you have children, you may want to consider using this type of showerhead too. A handheld model makes it possible for a child to get acclimated to showering on his or her own. If a child needs a little assistance when it comes to hygiene, a parent can wash and rinse their child’s hair and adroitly keep soap out of their eyes.

    Water Your Plants and Clean Your Blinds

    In addition, you can use this type of showerhead to water plants and even clean household items such as vertical blinds or mini blinds. Some fixed showerheads can send a large amount of money and water down your drain.

    By using a handheld device, again, you have the ability to only direct the water where it is needed. Some models even assist you in cutting consumption further by featuring a switch that shuts off the water on the handle. When you have this advantage, you are more likely to turn down the water or shut it off when you are shaving or lathering. Low-flow handheld showerheads are featured as well, which help further reduce water waste.

    Whilst this type of product can benefit all types of people, individuals with limited mobility can gain an extra advantage, especially if they must use a shower seat. This type of product allows any person to take more control of their hygiene and enjoy more independence if they suffer from pain or joint discomfort.