Take Informed Decision with the Consumer Checklist for Choosing a Moving Mover

Moving check list

Many moving companies have come up with an eagerness to earn more profit within short time. The trust factor and authenticity are the two factors that you need to consider while choosing the right type of movers.moving

Here’s a short to do list, which will ensure that your movement from one place to another is in safe hands and protected by all means.


The first thing before appointing a mover is to get your homework done thoroughly. Get in touch with your family or friends, who can suggest reliable movers. There are several movers in LA, who are reliable as compared to other places. Net searching and finding reviews is another alternative to find suitable and certified movers.

Basic mover details:

The movers should be able to provide following details before entering into an agreement.

  • If the mover is authorized or having a license, ask for the license details and the area of operation
  • The registration of the movers and does it comply with the rules and regulations set by the governing body.
  • The mover should have own fleet of vehicle and does not provide contractual labors.
  • The mover should have good repo with insurance movers incase any insurance issues arise.Moving check list


Getting an estimate is an essential element for making the contract. The movers will visit and survey the site. They shall assess the household equipment and furniture to make the estimate. If the estimate is given without inspection, you are in wrong hands and need to stop the deal further.

In the estimate, all the minute details should be covered related to transfer of goods, delivery period, service amount, obstacles or hindrance in shifting of material from one to another, terms & conditions related to payment, insurance etc.


It is essential that packing of goods be done in proper order by separating fragile, high value goods and other household separately. If the packing is done by yourself, you need to ask the movers about the responsibility of the goods damaged during the transit. The packing should contain proper labeling and color-coding.

In case, it is done by the movers, you need to see whether proper packing material and scratchproof packing material is used in high-value goods etc.


If there are taxation and levies applicable, how and who will pay it. The movers need to prepare the documentation and do all the procedure to get the goods cleared.

Replacement value protection:

The replacement value protection clause needs to be decided before the transit of the goods. Ensure that the goods are protected either by your insurance policy or by the movers. In case of damage, you shall be able to easily replace the goods without spending anything extra on it.

Moving day:

The next is the moving day when all the packing is done and documentation is prepared. You have to intimate the tentative time, when you are planning to move.

In simple words, it is just to move from one place to another, but following the right steps after consultation will make the move enjoyable and smoother.