Strength & Style: The Benefits of Using Quartzite for Counters


Strength and style are perhaps the two main reasons why homeowners are increasingly looking to naturally occurring quartzite as the ideal material when they are designing their counters and other surfaces, whether it’s in the kitchen, bathroom, or elsewhere.

Used in homes across the United States, quartzite was originally sandstone that over time combined with quartz crystals to create a metamorphic rock with beautiful patterns. The sheer range of these designs made by Mother Nature is comparable to those from man-made quartz, but with the added benefit of being natural rather than crafted in a factory like quartz.

Quartzite can also be cut into various designs whether it’s wanted for a large countertop, a small mosaic, or something in-between like a kitchen or bathroom backsplash. While the installation costs might be slightly more than prefabricated quartz, the visual payoff can often be better.

It’s a very resilient material – meaning that it will stand up to stains, scratches, and other wear and tear – which is expected from rooms that see a lot of spills. That’s perfect in the bathroom where soap and water will always be spilling over, or in the kitchen where food spills are a common occurrence. Cleaning quartzite is relatively easy as well – simply clean the counter with warm water.

Because quartzite is naturally occurring and not man-made, care does need to be taken to seal the material to help protect against absorbing spills – but that’s most of the upkeep. Overall, it’s very simple to maintain quartzite and keep the surfaces in a home looking good as new.

Inside the house, consider using small pieces of stacked stone quartzite available in different-sized rectangles of blues, grays, creams and whitesthat are stacked on top of each other to build an amazing accent wall and fireplace surround. This is known as stacked stone, and it will give any living room a great rustic appearance.

If it’s the bathroom that needs a surface, consider using quartzite in a medium-gray color with light veining as an elegant way to tile the floor and walls of a shower. Quartzite – with the proper type of sealing – will be a non-slip surface that’s perfect for such a water-covered area.

Then again, perhaps the design demand is in the kitchen – a place where quartzite remains perennially popular. One great look is to use a quartzite with a white background and yellow and white veins as a classy, understated style for countertops and “islands,” which are stand-alone units the kitchen. For islands, consider continuing the look by using a “waterfall” finish that continues the same design on the surface of the counter down the sides of the feature.

All of the above ideas work well indoors, but quartzite works just as well outside. For example, consider using quartzite for paving stones outside. Assembling a variety of pavers in gold, gray, and rust colors creates a warm look that’s perfect for a patio or other exterior feature.

These are just some of the many ways that quartzite can be used in and out of the home for the perfect surface. Homeowners shouldn’t think twiceabout using this amazing material for many projects in their own home!