Shabby chic Innovative furniture ideas


Shabby chic furniture refers to the type of furniture that can complement the retro or vintage style architecture. Usually it refers to the furniture that was used in the time period of 1920s. The more is old, the richer it looks in the vintage style.

Today, the shabby chic furniture has raised the worth of old, torn off furniture people used to get embarrass of. This has not only opened many ways to make use of old things but also saved the money and raised the self confidence in one way or another. Hereare some crazy ideas you can apply at the useless things to make out the best shabby chic furniture.

Invade through the garden and do not throw out those wood logs from the old trees planted by your parents or even their parents that you throw away thinking them extra and useless. Take a thick wood log and cut it in such a way that it can be placed on the ground in a stable way.

Also make its top side flat. Now paint it roughly in any color or use as it is. You can place it anywhere in your house as a table. Here are some of the ways in which it can be used as a furniture in the house.

  • The lounge table

Place it on a rug in the center of your lounge. You can decorate it using different things as per your creativity. Place a vase on it or some old newspapers, magazines or novels, whatever you like. You can place your bowl of popcorn on it while watching TV relaxing on your couch.

  • The dressing table

Select a wall in your dressing room and paint it in a different color than your room to make it prominent. Now hang a beautiful old mirror on the wall such that when you stand in front of it, you can properly see yourself.

Now place that wooden log just below the mirror against that wall. Hang some pearl necklaces around it to give it a girlish look. You can paint it in glitters ad use beads and shimmers to decorate it.

You can also use artificial stems and leaves to wrap around it and give it a natural look. Now place your beauty products on the top of it just below the mirror and your very own shabby chic furniture as a dressing table is ready.

  • As a cutting shelf

Place the wooden log at the appropriate height such that you can easily place vegetables and fruit etc. on it and cut them. This will prove to be the unique and stylish cutting shelf in your kitchen.

You can decorate it by hanging real fruits and vegetables around it to make it look more natural with respect to kitchen. You can also prepare your burgers, sandwiches placing on it and hence will work like a shelf in kitchen. Use your creativity to get more exciting and fun ideas.