Screening Options for the Modern Home


Curtains might have looked in place when you were a child, but with sweeping changes in home décor, the wide open spaces demand a different form of screening, one that offers a higher level of light and seclusion control, and is not something to be added to the ever-growing maintenance list. If curtains are to be eliminated, you would need something that not only provides the same properties, but also has other advantages, and bespoke shutter design allows you to be as creative as you wish.

Plantation Shutters

At the forefront of home design trends, the plantation look is all about traditional timbers and fine carpentry, so if this is what you are after, source a company that uses natural materials and is focused on enhancing the original design, rather than just supplying screening. The best timber shutters in Perth can easily be located with an online search, and the company would more than likely send a representative to your home to discuss your screening options.


Clearly a major issue, regardless of your design, and blinds or curtains do require regular cleaning, but interior shutters need only an occasional wide with a damp cloth to retain that just-fitted look. If you feel that the current housework load is adequate, then shutters will certainly not increase the burden any, and if those curtains were to disappear, you’d have so much more space.

Two Way Blade Closure

This innovative conception allows for total control over both light and shading, and with bespoke design options, there is no limit to what you can create. Opening both ways enables you to finely control the lighting to perfection, and with a smooth mechanism, movement is a breeze. You might have a rustic appearance and want something in line with that, and wood grain finishes allow modern materials to blend with natural elements, giving you the benefits of low maintenance materials, coupled with that elegant look that only timber can give. There is a range of affordable timber shutters in Perth that can make your home look superb, and with online solutions, it has never been easier to contact the right service for any home improvement.

Customised Shapes

Sometimes, the window aperture is a weird size, but with bespoke designs, it matters not, as they can design a unit to fit perfectly, irrespective of the opening style. All of those small and unique windows can be carefully tailored to have the ideal screening in the form of plantation shutters. Calling in a professional company will enlighten you as to your options, as most people are unaware of what is actually available today, and with the advice of the experts, you can be sure to select something suitable.

Cost Effective Screening

Interior shutters offer the homeowner a range of advantages, including security and insulation, which is coupled with the fine control over lighting and shading, something all screening options should cover.

Modern interior shutters can be designed around your home, and by dealing with a professional company, you can rest assured the finished product will be everything you expected, plus a little more.