Repairing The Defective Misted Sealed Units


Everything in this world is prone to defects. Same is true with the misted double glazed units too that often go defective. Those challenged with such situations may adhere to the following steps:

  • Removal of unit – First of all remove the glass from the frame. The units on the timber windows being externally beaded should be removed from the outside. Frames can be got beaded either from inside or the outside. Be cautious in removing the unit without causing any damage to the unit and the frame as well. There are wide ranges of frame designs. Take assistance from some qualified person in doing so. It is better to inspect the unit before removing. Do check if the spacer frame has separate plastic corner pieces for ease of removal for allowing the desiccant for their removal and replacement. Better make use of gloves to handle the glass due to its sharp edges.
  • Working space – Remember to put down a sheet when you work on a floor surface and do not intend to mess up in any manner. A solid work surface is needed for the newly removed unit and good access all the way around is a must as you have to work along the edges. Using a workmate bench with old towel laid on the top for laying the glass is recommended. Possibility of any damage to the glass surface is reduced and good solid support is facilitated.
  • Cleansing and opening up – It is advised to clean up and open up the misted double glazed units with some sharp knife. It is necessary for removing any sealant or putty from the top surface. The top glass surface must be cleansed in gentle manners by avoiding transfer of dust from one surface to the other. The edge sealant should be cut through by using a sharp knife again. A number of shallow cuts are better than accomplishing a deep cut, first through the sealant and then followed by careful cuts through the adhesive bonding the space bar to the glass. Be careful while handling the glass as it may break due to any pressure or hard action.

Turn the top pane over when it is free from the spacer. You will find the inside face on the top. Remove the residual sealant from the pane edge in gentle manners and ensure the surface to be clean enough. The surface may be cleaned in thorough manners by removing the stains on the glass. The cleaned top pane may be kept in standing position away from the work area. Bulk of the remaining sealant on the frame may be removed carefully. The next step is shaving off the remaining sealant on the glass and leaving the surface in clear manners. Both sides of the remaining pane may be cleaned in even manners. No residual smears should be left before re-sealing the misted double glazed units.

The above simple tips suffice to clean and repair the units with misted double glazing features.