Panels for Walls Emphasise a 3D Look in Interior and Exterior Decors


Today, eco-panels for walls are being used to enhance the look of various exterior and interior surfaces. The panels can be applied just about anywhere, including on walls as well as ceilings. Contractors use the panels to enhance the look of bar fronts as well. Whether the sun shines or it rains, the panels are able to withstand the elements.

A Low-maintenance Solution for Interior Walls

Highly durable and low-maintenance, the 3D panels are featured in both smooth cladding and textured selections. They also can be custom-designed to a customer’s specifications. An array of colours is offered as well.

Non-toxic composite panels that are made for interior spaces are hand-manipulated during production. As a result, no two panels are the same, which maintains the panels’ organic quality. Artisans who design the panels stay up-to-date with changing design trends. Therefore, panels are created to meet a broad range of interior styles, from traditional to contemporary designs.

Concrete-looking Panels

Faux concrete wall panels are also made that enhance the industrial appearance of interior and exterior renovations. Using this method makes it possible for contractors to add the material without the inconvenience of using real concrete. Also, faux concrete panels can be more easily fitted, and a panel saw with a tungsten blade is used to cut the panels.

Faux Stone Panels

In addition, panels are offered in various faux stone styles. These types of panels provide sculpted profiles. As a result, you can select from a wide range of textures and colours to complement an interior. Flat-surfaced faux stone panels are featured as well. These panels are patterned and coloured to look like real stones such as marble or limestone. However, the panels do not feature the fragility, density, or expense of actual stone materials.

This type of green product makes it simple to provide an easy-care option for exteriors and interiors because the panels are mould-resistant, non-absorbent, waterproof, and fire-rated. You can use these kinds of panels in a broad range applications.

Residential Applications

In residential settings, the panels are used for fireplace surrounds, headboards, feature walls in foyers, and as cladding panels for room dividers. They can also be used in place of wallpaper or paint.

Hospitality and Commercial Upgrades

Many times, these types of panels are used for hospitality renovations. The lightweight coverings can easily be added to high-traffic areas or in rooms as feature walls. In commercial applications, the panels are used to build a retailer’s brand in an affordable way. They are often employed to enhance visual merchandising, and these panels are commonly featured in shopping centres, foyers, on ceilings, and in commercial corridors.

Interior decorators like the 3D enhancement in the panels’ design. By making a panel upgrade, you not only will increase the worth of your property, but you will also measurably enhance its appeal. This type of green building addition makes installation easy and upkeep a simple task. If you have been thinking of remodelling your home or office, you need to consider the convenience and low cost of this fitting product.