Painting Interior Doors


Painting is always a good and cheap method to make a quick change at home and, the same you can paint walls to change the look and feel of any room, painting the walls may have the same or similar effect. Here you are important tips to the most usual decisions to make when you are going to paint your interior doors.

First thing is to choose the paint you need. Do not think all paints are the same, they come in different prices and there is a reason for that. If you spend very little money in paint, you may end up spending a lot more in coverage. Also, remember you are going to see that door for a very long time so, you’d better choose exactly what you want. We will advise to only use glossy or semi-glossy paint for this job. Doors are one of the most abused elements at home and the glossier the paint, the less you will have to clean.

Second decision, take it out of the place or leave it hanging. Well, first if you have no other space to paint it, leave it hanging, it is a perfect way to do it but it has its pros and cons. The pros is you don’t need to use the screwdriver and of course you don’t need to take it down which is a job by itself, even more if your doors are heavy. Also, if you leave it hanging you can paint both sides at once and obviously you will save space because you won’t need an additional room for the same job. On the con side, you will get a better finish by removing the door because you can paint in a more comfortable position and letting paint rest in a horizontal position sits it better than in vertical.

To prime or not to prime? This is another usual question. If you prime you will always get better results, or almost always but priming is additional work and money. If your wood is bare or stained, you will need to prime it if you want to get decent results and also if you plan to paint the door in a lighter color than it was before.

Whatever option you choose, you need to scrub your door first and remove any oil or dirt on it because if not your new paint will not adhere correctly. If there are any uneven edges or any buildups, remove them with a scraper. After you finish scraping and scrubbing your door, make it smooth by filling holes and scratches all over the place with putty, because it is the only way to ensure a polished finish. A good tip is to paint always in the direction of the grain and never against it to achieve a professional result. And of course, let at least 2 days for the paint to dry before reinstalling or closing it, even more in humid conditions. If you have sliding glass doors consider vertical blinds as one of the best solution for it.