Moving Tips: What to Pack First?


When you only have an idea of the move in your head packing all the stuff from home into boxes definitely sounds unreal. Most frequently people simply do not know where to begin with. Luckily there are moving experts in Victoria BC who do it every day and have no match in packing. So all you need to do is follow their advice below and your packing will be as simple as ABC.

Books and magazines. Start from things you most likely not to need. Moving experts say that books frequently occupy a lot of space in people’s houses, so beginning your packing exactly from books and magazines makes perfect sense. Remember not to pack these items into big boxes, because they will be too heavy to handle. Moreover, make an inventory and get rid of old unnecessary magazines.

Photo albums. Second thing that you will not need while moving is photo albums. These are very important things for anyone, so make sure to pack them very carefully, but in the beginning.

Clothes. Select clothes that you need for this period of year and start from packing all other seasonal clothes. According to moving experts from Victoria BC people do not actually realize how much clothes they have before they start packing. Remember that under the general term ‘clothes’ we also mean shoes.

Jewelry. If you have expensive jewelry in your home, then you need to make sure that it will be transported safely. Most frequently people do not lose expensive jewelry pieces, but get them broken after the moving is finished. This is why experts from Victoria BC advise either to check online videos for jewelry packing or leave it to the professionals. At the same time if you have no so much trust about your family jewelry, pack it to travel with you in the car and do not pack it into the boxes for a moving company.

Decorations and artwork. The following step is all decorations from your home. The main idea is to keep everything safe before, during, and after the moving process. It is highly advised to leave packing issues of the art work to the professionals; but if you are willing to do it yourself, check manuals online to do everything right.

Kitchen. The next step is to pack kitchen stuff you do not use or use very rarely and leave only several plates and cups till the final moving day. Professionals from Victoria BC frequently pack in advance all special-purpose kitchenware and small kitchen appliances.
Non-essential furniture. And the last step in pre-packing is packing non-essential furniture pieces, such as armchairs or extra chairs; garden furniture, etc.

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