Moving Tips

Moving Tips for a Local Move

Count yourself fortunate if your next move is a local one. By local, that means you’re staying in the same town or at least the same general area. A local move is much easier to handle than a cross country transition. Still, there are some things you must keep in mind if you’re to avoid the headaches that accompany most moves.

Moving Tips

1. Put a plan in place. A local move isn’t as involved as a move that will take you out of state. You still have to pack, but you may be able to handle the move yourself. That being said, if you have heavy or valuable items, you may still want to hire a moving company. A professional mover can handle a portion or all of your move. Get those estimates early on and add your moving decision to your plan advises Allied Moving Services.

2. Respond to the urge to purge. You own a lot of stuff and now is the time to find out what you can toss, give away or sell. If it needs to be fixed and you have no plans to do it, then toss it. If it can be given away, then do so. If you can make money from selling it and you have the time to do that, then do so. Consider a move as your best opportunity to purge your home of your excess stuff.

3. Assemble your important papers. Even if you are moving only across the street, there are certain papers or electronic documents that you must have. Indeed, you will need to notify the electric, gas, water, sewer, garbage, and phone companies of your move, ensuring that your utilities are turned off as you exit one residence and turned on as you enter another residence. You will need to provide account numbers and may need to secure a deposit before you make your move.

4. Prepare your new place. If things work out a certain way, you may have some overlap between the time you will be moving and when you will arrive at your new address. Take the overlap time to visit your new residence and get it ready for your move. This is the time when you will want to paint the walls, clean the carpets, fix the bathroom fixtures, power wash the deck, clear out the shed and otherwise prepare the new home for your family.

5. Round up the crew. Making a move can be a hassle, even for the shortest of all moves. Acquiring boxes, assembling packing tape, printing labels, notifying creditors, working with the utility companies, and managing a host of other responsibilities takes time. That’s time you don’t have and shouldn’t do alone. This is where you can call upon your friends to help out. Some may help you pack, others may keep your children occupied, while still others can help you cut through the red tape.

6. Tie up the loose ends. A short move can have you forgetting a few things that otherwise wouldn’t be forgotten if you were moving far away. Specifically, who will handle your lawn for the week or two before the new folks move in? Also, what cleaning company can come in to give your home a thorough clean out before the new people move in? You will still need to stop the newspaper delivery, change your address with the post office, notify your doctor and dentist of your move, and handle a bunch of small, but loose ends that cannot be forgotten.

Get a Move On

Any type of move can be faced with trepidation, but it does not need to be that way. Indeed, a move can be exciting too, enabling you to reach a goal or make a much needed lifestyle change.

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