Metal Staircases: The Right Choice for Your Home or Business


Have you considered a metal or steel staircase for your home or business? It is a common misconception that metal staircases are characterless and lack artistic emotion. However, with upscale design and detailing, the possibilities for steel and metal staircases are actually endless!

Metal staircases provide a structurally sound barrier for your staircase that will last the test of time. Metal is an extremely strong and versatile option for your home or business. It is flexible and can be made to order, although stock options are also available for your needs. Metal is long lasting and less expensive than other staircase options and materials.

Flexible Design

Due the unique structural properties of metal, architects are able to create very slim and elegant designs made out of steel stairs. Paired with materials such as glass and other architectural details, steel staircases can actually look inviting and very visually appealing. Metal staircases give a home or business a very modern look that is perfect for contemporary structures.

Metal Is Long-Lasting

Steel is a recycled material that does not burden the environment, helping you reduce your carbon footprint on the world. Metal staircases in Hereford are an environmentally-friendly choice for homes and businesses.

Metal Is Less Expensive

Compared to other materials, steel is not the most expensive by any means. The options available for steel in terms of finishing and style are extremely versatile. Powder coating is available in almost any colour that you can think of and is definitely hard wearing. For staircases that are located in outside locations, a hot-dipped galvanised finish might be your best bet.

Metal staircases can be produced in a variety of styles such as helical stairs, quarter-turn stairs, spiral stairs, and straight flights with a variety of intricate designs and patterns. Steel can easily be paired with other materials such as wood and glass to create a unique and highly desirable finished product. Metal is also popular for use outside the home, including property fences and driveway gates. Metal is an elegant and timeless choice for your home or business renovation needs.

Whether you are working on a remodelling project on your own residential property or a commercial development, industrial metal, aluminium, and steel staircases are just what you need to bring your architectural design to the next level. There is a solid reason why metal gates, fences, and staircases have surged in popularity over the last 10 years. Besides their long-lasting beauty, they bring a flexible and extremely versatile architectural aspect to your property.

If you have been considering a metal staircase for your home or business, don’t wait. Contact your local metal staircase specialist today to find out more.