Is Your Air Conditioning Unit Playing Up


All of us rely heavily on our air conditioning units during the hot summer months but when was the last time that your AC was serviced by a qualified technician? Were they on the F Gas Register? Whether your unit is relatively new or has been working for years, it will inevitably need a professional service. Ideally, this should happen before any hot weather hits.

Knowing When Your Air Conditioner Is on the Blink

Of course, most of us are not engineers or technicians so knowing when there are problems with our AC units is a matter that most of us don’t think about. So, how do you know when your unit needs either a service or a complete replacement? The good news is that there are some pretty common signs to look out for, including:

  • Costs: When an air conditioner is not working properly, it tends to draw more electrical power to do the same amount of work. A householder may notice that his or her electricity usage has spiked considerably more than normal. This is cause for concern because it could mean that the air conditioner is not working efficiently.
  • Ineffective: One other common sign of a faulty air conditioner is when it struggles to cool down a room. It may take a long time to cool even a small space. This means that a service technician should be called out as soon as possible.
  • Noises: Though all air conditioning units do make noise, any strange and odd noises should always be a cause for concern. If you hear bumps, wheezing, grinding and so on, it could be something minor such as a loose screw, but it could also indicate a major problem that needs to be addressed by an experienced technician.

Do You Need a New Air Conditioner?

If you need a brand-new air conditioning installation in Portsmouth, the good news is that there are more models than ever on the market from which to choose. Even better is that the technology behind air conditioners has improved to the point that the best units are very energy efficient as well as being highly effective.

So, which air conditioning unit should you choose? Consider the following:

  • Split System: The inverter technology that many of these split systems feature saves a lot of electrical power. They are also very efficient at cooling a small to medium space down and can be installed in multiples in homes and commercial buildings. One issue is that the compressor unit is separate from the main wall unit and will need to be located external to any premises in a suitable area.
  • Ducted: The most expensive form or air conditioning but also the most effective, ducted units can cool an entire home down fairly quickly. A series of vents is opened up in the rooms that are fed by a network of ducts running in the roof space. These units are powerful.

Whether you have a tired-out old air conditioner that has seen better days or your unit needs a quick service before the summer heat, it’s always best to call out an experienced technician.