How to Stop Your Windows from leaking Outside Air In


It does not matter whether you living in an area which has mostly cold or warm climate, you just want to be able to keep out the unwanted, germ-infested air from entering your home.

Having a leaky window during the winter times can be torturous and would also increase your heating bill. In warm or hot weather, you might lose a lot of cold air from the air conditioning system and thus increase your AC bill due to the leaky window allowing in a high percentage of hot air inside the house.

Leaky windows can be a problem, but not one that cannot be fixed. There are some steps that you can take in order to eliminate the energy wasted caused by unwanted leaking into your home:

Fix the seal

When the seals around the windows wither and start cracking they allow the windows to leak in air from the outside. There could be several different reasons why this may have happened, other than aging: the windows might have suffered through a storm and may have had cracks in it that did not get repaired. In order to repair this, on a windy day look for where the crack is or where the window seal has been damaged. Make note of it, and then call the repair person to get it fixed.


When you feel that your window might be leaking in a lot more air than needed, run your finger along the window frame and feel for spaces through which the hot or cold air might be leaking in. Mark the areas responsible for the leaks and then caulk these spaces with a caulking gun.


If you have a situation in which the entire window frame is responsible for leaking in the air, then use the weather stripping method instead of caulking. This will create a tight seal on the outside of the window and prevent leaking. This is something that you can easily do yourself since a lot of hardware stores tend to sell tools for this job. If you find yourself inapt to be able to do this job then it is best that you call a repair person.

Shades and curtains

Sometimes even tightly sealed windows may not help and you might have to use other methods. Try to use a double or triple pleated shade to keep out the unwanted air. You will have to make sure that the shades that you buy fit the length of the window exactly and fall all the way to the sill in order to provide the right amount of blockage. In case you don’t have shades you can also use thick curtains to draw across the window. This will not only help the hot or cold air from entering the rooms, it will also prevent the burning light from the sun from getting infused in the house.