How to Stop Foreclosure Immediately


A foreclosure attorneycan stop a notice of default or bank repossession.

When a homeowner defaults under a deed of trust, a notice of default is issued and except they quickly do something to protect the property they may lose it to a public sale. This notice could introduce stress and frustration into a homeowner’s life. One important decision one will have to make is finding and determining the best way to stop the foreclosure. And that’s where a foreclosure attorney who has experience can help you relieve the stress of losing your home.

All foreclosure attorneys can file lawsuit to help you stop foreclosures. Be aware that only attorneys within your local state can help you since attorney have to pass the bar exam for certain state to practice within that state. A foreclosure attorney will offer the best possible option for you to save you homes. Depend on the situation but often attorney will file bankruptcy to stop the foreclosure. Either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 can stop the foreclosure, so it’s very important to seek for an attorney that has experience in stopping foreclosure. And in special cases where a homeowner has been subjected to wrongful foreclosure (which happens often), the foreclosure lawyer can represent you to sue the mortgage company to stop the foreclosure process.


Whether you get a notice of foreclosure or your house is appoint for an auction sale. Foreclosure attorneys can stop it and save your home from the bank. The minute a notice of default or notice of trustee sale gets to a homeowner, seek immediately for help and the attorneys canguide you on what to do and what is the next step that you should do to save your home.

Consumer Action Law Group is a California law firm that have a team of excellent foreclosure attorney that have help many California resident save their home from bank foreclosure. This law firm offer free legal advice, you do not pay a penny to speak with the attorney at their law firm.  The attorneys here are very straightforward.  They will let you know what your options are and what the next steps to stop the foreclosure process are. All legal advice and fees will be reveal to you before you paid anything.  Remember any legal process will take a minimum of 6 months to 1 year so always select an attorney that is friendly and one that can help you.

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