How To Spot A Bad Scaffolding Company


When you need scaffolding, you want to make sure that you are choosing the best company possible. There are lots of poor quality companies out there and you need to be able to spot the ones that are offering a sub-standard service.

How do you spot a bad scaffolding company?

They Have Rock-Bottom Or Discounted Rates

When you see a scaffolding company offering their services at rock bottom prices, this is a sign that they are in desperate need of customers. Another warning sign is if they are offering “discounted” rates in an effort to attract more customers. Scaffolding companies that pride themselves on their work will charge cost-effective but competitive rates. This will show you that they believe they are offering a quality service without deliberately trying to undercut the competition.

They Will Not Let You Inspect Their Equipment

When you are hiring a scaffolding company, you want to know that they are using the best equipment available. One way to test the quality of their equipment is to inspect it for yourself. This is something that all quality scaffolding companies will be happy for you to do. They want to build up trust with their customers by showing them that they have good equipment.

On the other hand, a bad scaffolding company will be extremely evasive and they probably refuse to let you see the equipment that they are using. Search for professional scaffolding erection in Glasgow.

They Will Include Hidden Fees In The Overall Price

The price for hiring scaffolding should be completely clear with no room for ambiguity. This will ensure that you know exactly how much you are being charged for hiring the scaffolding company and their equipment. However, some poor-quality companies will attempt to insert hidden fees into the contract that you sign with them. This will be a surprise when you are presented with the final bill after everything has been completed.

The Firm Will Be Slow To Respond To Your Emails And Phone calls

One of the cornerstones of any good business is that they promptly respond to your emails and always pick up the phone when you call the office. This gives you the impression that you are a valued customer and that the scaffolding company will do anything possible to meet your demands.

However, an unprofessional scaffolding company will be the exact opposite. They will take a lot of time to answer your emails and they might not pick up the phone when you ring them. Your questions will go unanswered and you will feel like they are not valuing you as a customer. If this happens, then it is a very good idea to look for a completely different scaffolding company to get the job done.

When you need a scaffolding company it is important that you choose the best company possible. This means that you will get great service. Learning how to spot a bad scaffolding company is a valuable skill.