How to Install Replacement Windows


Do you have the skills required to replace your window? The level of skills needed to fix a window depends on the type of project. For instance, it is more challenging to replace full frame window than an insert replacement window. You only need to keep your old window frame and trim when installing insert replacement whereas you’ll have to tear down in the case of a full-frame replacement completely.

The other factors you have to consider are how old the house is and your experience. Window replacement involves framing and structural aspects that should be carried out by someone that can the required expertise to deal with this type of project. Undertaking without knowledge can cost you more in the long run. The first thing is to consider the size of the project and if you are qualified to perform the task. However, if you have what it takes to do this, here is how you can install replacement windows.

Measure for Replacements

The first step in the process of window replacement is by measuring the existing window frame to ensure you make the right order. The two measurements you’ll need are the height and width of the old windows. You get the width by measuring the distance between the inside of the right jamb to that of the left. Also, you get the height by measuring the gap between the head jamb and window sill.

Remove Old Sash

Obvious, the old sash must be taken out. In most cases, you have to unscrew the wooden stops so that you can take out the lower sash. After that, remove the parting bread so the upper sash can be free. By merely pressing the jamb liners, you can pull forward the top of the sash. Then drift a side of the sash upward to free it from the jamb liners.

Prepare the Frame for Installation

Prepare the frame for install by removing any drive in, old caulk y, or nails. Scrape off all the blistered and loose paint and patch any cracks or holes with grade wood putty. Smooth the jambs, prime, and then you can paint the surfaces.

Install the Replacement Window

Place the window into the frame to be sure it will perfectly fit and then remove it. Put a bead of caulk along the windowsill and inside the edge of the outside window stops. Work from inside the room, start by placing the insert replacement bottom onto the sill, then direct to the opening. Ensure the window fit tight against the blind stops or exterior casings.

Caulk and Paint

From outside the window, measure the gap between the casing and frame.  The window usually comes with an insert to cover the hole or sloped frame to fit the sill slope. If neither is available, fill the space using a piece of wood. Caulk the joint between the insert and structure, and then you can prime and paint the interior of the window frame and sash.


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