How to incorporate wood into your home

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Wood has been used in domestic interiors for hundreds of years – and there are very good reasons for this.

Wood is such a beautiful, versatile material; it can lift a home interior out of the ordinary into another realm. As a natural material, it comes in many colors and finishes, from palest blond to darkest ebony. You can employ interior wood finishes around the home in anything from furniture, flooring and wall paneling to shelving.

wooden shutters

Take the rough with the smooth

Using wood in its most basic form instantly introduces a warmth and natural rusticity that’s hard to achieve with man-made materials. If you are aiming for an earthy, natural look at home that complements other raw materials such as organic textiles, basketry and ceramics, using reclaimed wood or rough cut timber is a look that fits right in.

Alternatively, if you are aiming for the very fashionable mid-century modern look, fill your home with reclaimed wooden furniture such as sideboards, armchairs and sofas, room dividers and shelving units with Danish influences. With their origins firmly in the fifties and sixties, such wooden furnishings possess time- mellowed finishes twinned with contemporary silhouettes.

Wood works anywhere

Because wood is such a chameleon and can take on many shapes, colors and finishes, it works in almost any room.

For a dramatic and elegant drawing room with classic overtones, using furnishings in deep redwoods and glowing mahoganies is worth trying. Oak paneling on walls and interior wooden shutters at windows lend a grand and formal flavor to a room. Wood accepts stains and paint readily, so it is easy to incorporate into any color scheme.

In the bathroom, wood adds warmth to walls, with tongue and groove pine boards. Either leave it bare and display the beauty of the natural grain and knots, or paint it in chalky pastels for a crisp Scandinavian edge. Wooden stools, cabinets and bare floorboards in bathrooms always look charming. For a more contemporary feel, setting a basin into a slab of reclaimed teak makes a stunning focal point.

Kitchens are the places where wood comes in to its own. Long, oiled counter tops, cupboards, shelving and joinery fashioned from the finest, smooth timbers can create the perfect warm atmosphere at the heart of the home. The dining table is where all the action happens, so it’s worth investing time in finding the best you can. Whether you choose circular, refectory style, extendable or compact, wooden dining tables offer the best flexibility, strength, good looks and practicality.

In bedrooms, use wood to lift a bedroom into a boudoir. Mahogany French sleigh beds or four-poster designs instantly inject a shot of glamor to sleeping quarters. Carved wardrobes with antique styling and grand mirrors with burnished edges combine to create theatrical interiors with impact.

When you need a solid and stylish material for an important interior role, it’s good to know you can always rely on wood. Whether it’s cool contemporary, shabby chic or smart and simple that you want, wood always delivers.