How To Choose Best Lutyens Benches For Your Gardens?


There are many people who like to use perfectly scrolled armrests and skillfully carved backrests in their gardens. However, the majority of the people are unaware of the fact that they are actually digging deep into history with the use of such products. Lutyens benches speak of quality workmanship and superior level durability. These are products that come with the capacity of lending a dramatic effect to areas where they are placed. They are not only functional but decorative at the same time adding a touch of elegance and pleasantness to backyards and gardens. They can be wonderful additions to lawns and patios where you might be entertaining your guests and friends. They are charmingly attractive and always the best choice.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Lutyens Garden benches

Nowadays, it is quite difficult to get hold of original Lutyens benches because the majority of the meager selection has lost with time. Serving in the form of homage to this expert architect and his legacy, there are very few of his bench models representing his distinct style. These are made using English oak but there are other companies that make use of other wood varieties for making these benches.

Majority of the brands offers Lutyens garden benches generally follow the architect’s original design. However, different in material, design and quality can greatly vary from one manufacturing unit to another. Paying close attention to the factors mentioned below will help you in using garden benches for a very long time.

Workmanship Quality

Benches made as per the highest levels of workmanship are sure to look beautiful. They do not just look elegant but also offer high standards of comfort while withstanding both interior wear and tear and exterior elements.  Quality made garden benches offer a very comfortable and relaxing environment to sit and boost the beauty and the charm of the backyard a lot longer than the ones that are of poor quality.


Original Lutyens garden benches are made using English oak. This wood variety is durable, strong and aesthetically appealing. It is one of the best choices for making such benches. However, one thing that should be considered is that English oak is not resistant to harsh weather conditions. This is the reason why benches made of this wood variety need to be treated with varnishes and protective covering on a periodic basis. It is always possible to find benches made of other materials like teak which is far superior in comparison to English oak. This is because it does not require any kind of protective treatment and benches made of this wood variety are perfect for outdoor usage.


There are many manufacturers that offer benches designed in original Lutyens design. However, it is quite likely to come across modified versions that look more modern and are quite popular among avid gardeners.

Lutyens benches are known for their quality and therefore they can be a bit expensive. However, this does not necessarily mean that you need to purchase the most expensive product available in the market.