How Do You Know If Your Trees Need to Be Trimmed Back or Removed?


Overgrown trees on your property may pose a threat to nearby structures. If a large branch were to suddenly break, it may damage the roof of your garage or home. To prevent these risks, you may need to trim your trees or hire a professional service to cut the tree down.

Signs That Your Trees Need to Be Removed

An overgrown tree may not need to be removed. When considering tree removal, you should look for these most common signs that removal is necessary:

  • Large cavities are visible in in the trunk or branches.
  • The tree no longer produces any leaves.
  • Fallen branches are dry or rotting.
  • Fungi are present near the base of the tree.

Trees are beneficial. However, when you notice these issues, you may need to have it removed.

Signs That Your Trees Need to Be Trimmed

The most common sign that you need to trim your tree is when you have branches that hang close to structures or that extend beyond your property line. If a branch from a tree on your property extends over a neighbour’s property, you may be liable for any damages that occur from a falling branch.

24-hour tree surgeons in Walton-on-Thames can assess your tree growth and determine which option is best for your situation.

You may not need to completely remove an overgrown tree from your property. Depending on its location in relation to the structures on your property, you may simply need to trim it back. In fact, trimming the tree may even help support a healthy branch structure, improving the health of the tree.