How can you conduct and need tree cutting services?


Everyone at some point of time must have come across tree stumps on their way. We all know that with tree clear-cutting being a common procedure these days, finding a tree stump around will not be difficult. Though tree felling is not an advisable thing to do in the present environmental conditions, yet some amount of trees is felled across the world every year to meet various human needs and necessities from its main product. Tree cutting needs to be done the right way to make sure that your base is clear. Else the stump remains in the area.

What is a stump?

When trees are cut down, a stump which is the bottom part of the tree after which the roots of the tree are underground always remains back. These tree stumps are an eye sore to the natural surroundings and need to be removed. This is the reason why various tree stump removal or tree cutting methods have become so poplar these days.

Various Tree stump removal methods

  • Using Grinders, one of the ways in which you can proceed with the tree stump removal process is to use stump removal grinders, which can grind away the tree stump for good.
  • However, these stump removal grinders are very expensive to purchase and even rented for that matter of fact.
  • The other option is to remove the tree stumps manually by chopping it off with an axe with the help of a woodcutter. Though this tree cutting process is less expensive it is surely tedious and tiring as tree stump removal with an axe takes a far longer time to come off in comparison to normal chopping off of a tree.

Unique methods for stump removal

Using Mattocks

One of the ways to remove tree stumps manually is to use a mattock, which is a type of axe that combines the chopping and digging process making it easier for tree stumps to be removed. Another way to remove tree stumps is to opt for a natural process. This tree cutting procedure involves treating the tree stump with excess water and nitrogen that would naturally weaken the tree stump and uproot it naturally from the base. All you need to do is saw up the tree stump up to the base, drill in holes over the left tree stub at various places, these holes need to be filled with water and manures rich in nitrogen while the area around is soaked with water.

  • Now the tree stump is covered with a plastic sheet and put hay or tree bark over it to retain the moisture.
  • After a while the nitrogen and water break down the tree stumps and removes them. The only problem is that stump removal process done naturally takes longer time than the other tree stump removal methods.
  • Last but not the least is all of these tree cutting methods seem inappropriate to you try the stump remover product. This is a kind of oil, kerosene, which when put into the tree stump creates a rendering flame that will burn away the porous wood when ignited.

When it comes to tree cutting methods, especially involving a hard-core or stubborn stump, it is always advised that you ask an expert to help out. This is crucial because there is a good chance that your home tools are not going to be of any good here. In this reference, you can ask a wood-cutter or other experts to help out. It may work out slightly expensive, but it is surely a more viable and less time consuming method for getting rid of the stump. so, what are you waiting for? Take help from the best tree cutting services and remove the unwanted tree safely today!