How a Locksmith Can Help If You Lose Your Keys


Losing your keys is not only frustrating but it can be a scary experience because you may have keys to your house, a gym locker, and a remote key fob to your car on your keychain. Fortunately, you don’t need to panic as a locksmith can help you out with these services.

Rekey Locks

The keys to your house can be rekeyed and if your car has a keyless remote, it can be replaced. When a new keyless remote is programmed to sync with your car, the old one may be deactivated so that even if someone finds your keys and knows your address, he or she cannot gain access to your car. If you do lose your keys, you can call a locksmith to have everything replaced.

Open Locks

If you are locked out of your house, an emergency locksmith in Lewisham can open your door locks for you. They can either use lock picks or a bump key to open doors so that you can have access to your house again. They also have ways to help get you back into your car in case the keys are not lost but still in the ignition of your locked car.

Replace Locks

It will usually be less expensive to replace locks on your house rather than have them rekeyed. A locksmith can open the locks so you can get back into your house and then replace them so you don’t have to worry about how you’re going to come and go from the house. Another consideration is to convert to a keyless entry system so that you don’t ever need to worry about losing your keys again.

If you lose your keys or lock them in your house or car, you can call a locksmith any time of the day or night to replace, rekey, or open the locks.