Home improvement and extension projects you should consider

Homes conservatories

Being able to own a home fully is a goal that many people hope to achieve, while many have done so already. However, sometimes a household, no matter how good it looks, can use an improvement or two and there are multiple ways in which to go about this.

Homes conservatories


One way to give a new extension to the house is to build a home conservatory on the property. A conservatory for the home is basically a building or separate room that usually has glass roofing and a sunroof. Conservatories in the home can be used for space in the event that guests are over the house. Conservatories can also come in a variety of styles, some of which can be Victorian style ones that are small, incredibly popular and have white or oak wood frames to support the building. Installing a conservatory would require an architect and need to be vacuumed and dusted often, depending on how often it’s used. You can see some good examples of different conservatory styles by looking at Secure A Home’s conservatories who perhaos offer the best range in Leicestershire.


If you’re looking for a more ‘bricks and motor’ approach to extending your home then orangeries are similar to home conservatories, in that they are an extension to any household and cost quite a bit to build. They offer homeowners a more clear natural view of the outdoors without being outside. Unlike a conservatory an orangery is usually made of brick or masonry and has windows that stretch from the floor to the ceiling. Orangeries in the home can be outfitted with stone tiles or wood floors, depending on the wishes of the homeowner and require the services of certified architects and home design companies to begin the installation process. Proper polishing and floor cleaning is necessary to maintain cleanliness. These often act like an extension of your home that acts like a conservatory but a lot more durable.

Windows and Doors

Having new windows and doors installed is another way to improve upon the outlook of a home. For example, one new design for windows would be having double-hung windows installed, which are the standard windows that slide up or down and can open wide from top or bottom but stay stationary in a frame. As far as doors goes, one example would be to have a modern yet polished door made of oak or spruce. Adding small windows on the front door can be an option to consider when letting people in.

For all of these options, replacing the existing items there may be necessary depending on how long they have been in use around the house. Windows that have been around for more than ten years may need replacing.