Guide To Buy Natural Limestone Tiles for your Home


Are you planning to have stone flooring tiles? Which type of natural stone do you prefer? Have you ever considered looking out for limestone tiles? Depending on the location where you planning to place tile, select a particular tile.

  • Now whether you are look for home renovation or building new home, stone tiles can be a good option.
  • Limestone is a very versatile stone and it is the choice of multiple contractors.
  • Among natural stones, limestone is considered to be a less expensive option. So it can definitely fit into your budget and at the same time it can render a great look to your room.

Advantages of limestone tiles:

  • Limestone tiles are a little expensive when compared to the ceramic tiles but their quality is far better. Granite and marble flooring have high popularity in the market and they can prove to be expensive when compared to the natural stone tiles. In case you need an authentic look for flooring, then do considering opting for limestone tiles.
  • It basically offers you with a more rustic look.
  • Limestone flooring is considered to be a versatile option because it is quite soft when compared to other stones. The best part is that such stones can be used in the form of bricks as well as planks.
  • You can use it as a substitute to wood. Different mineral compositions can make it easy for you to find variety in value and color of such stone.

Limestone does not create a slippery floor surface:

  • With limestone tiles if you need a long lasting nonslip surface that gives a sturdy look then seal it properly. If you are opting for such flooring then use cement based backing for it. Whether you use such stone in tile, planks or bricks form, cement based backing is essential because it offers inflexible bed. To enhance the reliability factor, make use of the right adhesive. If you do wrong with adhesive selection process then the installation of tiles may go wrong.
  • Such stones demand little extra care. If you understand right way to use it then it can prove to be durable.
  • Basically limestone tiles can be used in hallways, bath, living area, kitchen, etc. mainly such stone can give you soft feeling underfoot. You can find them in variety of colors and pattern. Select the pattern depending on your home interiors.

Here is the simple guide to buy limestone tiles:

  • Consider the absorption rating factor. Absorption factor refers to the kind of absorbent material that is present in particular tiles. Look for natural stone tiles with less absorbent factor in order to prevent any kind of leakage problem in future. Limestone is less absorbent and so it is also not susceptible to stains. Limestone has medium level of absorbency and so it can be used in all rooms.
  • Visit a retailer who grades particular tiles on the basis of their material quality. Visiting online retailers is also a good option if you want to save time as well as money while looking for limestone tiles, then you can consult online stores. Three factors basically determine the grading and these are the size of stone, the shape of stone and its thickness. Look for the limestone tiles with no cracks or scratches. Limestone tiles are not slippery. Don’t select natural stone with slippery effect especially in areas like kitchen, bathroom, etc. High traffic area in home or office requires tiles with higher coefficient which determines grip of tile.

Determine your purpose of buying such tiles. Do you need them for indoor or outdoor purpose? Whatever may be the reason, carry out proper research work to find the tiles suiting your needs. Go online and find the retailer that can meet your demands related to limestone tile.