Furniture Protection Plans At Your Fingertips

Guardian Protection Products Inc is an esteemed and trusted furniture protection service provider. It also manufactures furniture protection products that are high on quality and trust. It is an established leader when it comes to furniture protection products and protection plans. The professionals at Guardian Protection know that buying furniture is a major investment and decision. This is the sole reason why they are proud to give you special furniture protection plan coverage and other products to help you extend the lifespan and the appearance of new furniture

Guardian Protection Products Inc was founded in 1977 and is based in Hickory, NC. It is one of the most trusted furniture protection companies in the region today and listed with the Better Business Bureau.

When it comes to indoor protection plans, you will find that this Company has many attractive schemes to offer you. There are people who accidentally spill liquids and damage their furniture. The stains last for life and leaves an ugly scar on your furniture. However, if you are smart and really wish to enhance the lifespan and beauty of your furniture, it is very important for you to go in for the unique new furniture protection plans from Guardian Furniture. You will be able to get these furniture protection plans at select furniture retailers. You can also opt for the premium coverage plans for wood, leather and fabric. These plans will protect your furniture against food and beverage stains, accidental spills by grass, ball pen ink, grease, crayons and cosmetics, tears and rips, punctures and burns, glass, mirror breakage and more.

Many furniture protection plans will also contain a kit that will instruct you on how to care for your precious furniture and maintain its shine and sheen. With these special plans you not only are able to maintain your furniture but you can also receive the service support from the professionals here.

Many clients are pleased with the unique furniture protection plans that Guardian Protection Products provide. There are several plans for you to choose from and in case you face problems selecting the right one, you can always ask the professionals based here to help you. These furniture professionals are aware of your needs and they are able to guide and counsel you on the right plan to choose.

Therefore, if you really love and care about your furniture and want to give it the best protection, you may opt for the unique furniture protection plans offered by Guardian Protection Products. These plans have been specially designed to ensure you receive the best indoor care for your precious furniture and maintain its sheen forever!

Your furniture makes or breaks the decor of your home. It is important for you to take care of it well. At the same time, you should deploy professionals that are trained and certified to look after furniture in the correct way. Banking on Guardian Protection Products is indeed a wise and prudent choice. It gives you guaranteed protection for your furniture with success!


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