From the packing to the unloading – the fragile objects are very delicate removals

The exotic or the vintage vases, the mirrors from the bathroom and all other fragile items require some special cares during the moving day. Even more, make sure to know all the tips and tricks when unboxing and arranging these fragile objects in the new house. Next are few examples.

Let`s begin with the packing and sorting of the fragile items. Make sure to get yourself plenty of removal boxes with different sizes, strength and even transparent boxes so you can constantly monitor the condition of the delicate fragile objects. Two, take into account all the possible ways for a protection of the fragile items. From bubble wraps to heavy-duty tape, old newspapers and pieces of foam padding – there are plenty of things to consider. The bubble wrappings are recommended for basically each individual item that is made out of glass or porcelain. If needed – you can add a couple more layers of the bubble wraps to protect big and truly heavy glass objects. Edge protectors for the square edges of the pieces of glass and for the angles of the mirrors are recommended too. There are numerous sizes of edge protectors and you want to choose the ones that fit snugly onto the edges of the glass objects. Shred a couple of old newspapers in small pieces so they can be used as fillers for the empty spaces. This easy technique is good for isolating the glass objects from the walls of the boxes or when you want to prevent two, tree, or more glass objects from hitting each other inside the box. Other materials as fillers can range from polystyrene balls to old blankets, cloths and other soft textile items. Note that you can save plenty of space from another box only for these yet light textile items, if you use them as isolation materials for the delicate objects in one single box. A great idea is to sort all small and light items only in small and light boxes, as well as put the heavy items such as mirrors, pictures and the flat TV screen individually in larger boxes.

Therefore, you can easily pick up the boxes only with big, heavy and yet fragile objects, and to put them on the bottom of the removal van, and then, to pile the boxes with light fragile items on top. Saving therefore much space than arranging plenty of different fragile items in their own individual boxes. Use handling straps when loading the fragile objects in the moving van. Another great tip is to inspect the road for any kind of imperfection such as stairs, turns, fallen branches, rocks or so. It is much more difficult to handle a huge box with porcelain vases, when the box covers most of the visible area of the route along the front door. Next, label each box with delicate glass items. The simple labels like “Fragile” or “Handle with care” can help you a lot, especially when loading and unloading the removal van. These labels will also help the professional movers with a better orientation about what`s inside the box and how exactly to handle the box during the heavy lifting.

The fragile objects need some special cares during and after the unloading in the new house as well. A great idea is to unload first the lightest and the fragile items. Put them in a completely different room or in a place that sees much less foot traffic during the moving day. Tell your kids not to play with the boxes labeled with “Fragile”, as well as inspect the route to the front door of the new house before unloading the moving van.

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