Finding the Right Supplies for your Restaurant

Restaurant supplies

Opening a new restaurant can be both exciting and stressful. As a result, it is important to make sure that you have planned everything down to the last detail. A restaurant is typically going to consist of two types of supply investments: the essentials as well as food and cleaning supplies. The kitchen is going to be the place where the food will be prepared. The “front of house”, or floor, is where customers will be seated and served. These two areas are vital components of a restaurant and will both be looked over by a manager and a head chef. The head chef’s job is to supervise the shifts in the kitchen, but he or she will also have another job. This is to ensure that the correct restaurant kitchen supplies are ordered. The last thing that any restaurant needs is to run out of supplies and stock when serving dinner.

Restaurant supplies

Essential Supplies and Equipment

The kitchen is going to be a place where most of the restaurant equipment is kept. This will include a sink, a stove, ovens, a refrigerator and plenty of counter space. As well as this, a dishwasher is going to be needed. Before opening a restaurant it is important to ensure that all of these supplies have been ordered. This job is generally up to the owner. The head chef, however, needs to make sure that all of this equipment is properly looked after and maintained. Kitchen equipment is generally designed to last for many years so there is very little chance of it breaking down. If this does happen, however, the head chef needs to make sure that there is someone who can fix it. A broken piece of equipment can end up interrupting the service and lose the restaurant a lot of money.

With restaurant kitchen supplies it is absolutely vital that everything is kept clean. At the end of every shift the supervisor needs to ensure that the equipment is properly scrubbed down. The dishwasher is also going to have to be cleaned out when the restaurant closes. Pieces of old food can end up getting clogged in the system and this is just going to end up causing problems. Make sure that the kitchen porter cleans out the system. This means that there will be fewer problems in the future.

Food and Cleaning Supplies

Both food and cleaning supplies are going to be kept in storage. The kitchen is going to have a certain amount of storage space, but for the most part food is going to be kept in the back in cold rooms. This is to ensure that it does not go off. As a head chef stock rotation is going to have to be observed. As well as this, chemicals and other cleaning products will need to be stored in an efficient and smart manner. This means storing them at ground level.

Running any kind of restaurant is not easy, but by following a list of guidelines it can be made simpler. It is up to the head chef to implement these guidelines in the kitchen.